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  1. Looking for TBS recommendations

    Sorry, Oxeren, but your self-promotion sucks. 92% of reviews are positive! The game was reviewed by two Steam curators, and both recommend it. It's currently on sale at 50% off (at least, in the US) for a measly $5.99. Boughted.
  2. Crusader K+ngs II

    Looks interesting, thanks for the heads up!
  3. Civilisation 6

    That's my recollection as well. I haven't followed GalCiv 3 development. Have the policies changed?
  4. Civilisation 6

    Umm... Isn't Brad Wardell the head guy?
  5. Endless Legend

    I live too close to the Amish Country to have a smartphone. Not a big deal, maybe I'll be able to find time to listen to the podcast while doing something else. Thanks for posting about it!
  6. Endless Legend

    I couldn't find a way to download the podcast. Is it verbotten? Call me an old grumpy man, but I couldn't overlook things that didn't make much sense. For example, you as Broken Lords don't eat, and so don't need food. Great! But you still drink wine and build sewers. Wha? Or me playing as Vaulters and going for the Science victory, only to be thwarted by myself getting the Economic victory just because. Would also love to hear Rob's and Fraser's opinions. Don't let them off the hook.
  7. Have you posted about RAWAR on TIG Source forums ( It's a place where many indie game developers flock, and you might get some useful feedback there.
  8. Hi Daan, I tried the game but couldn't figure out why my troops liked to follow arrows so much and how to make them stop doing this. If there was a link to the manual, I missed it. Tell people how to play. Cheers, valambrian
  9. Codex of Victory (Steam Early Access)

    So I took the plunge. I played it for a couple of hours, finishing four missions. I like what I see so far. The game has two parts: strategic and tactical, like X-COM. In the strategic mode, you build an underground base, like you do in X-COM. You can also speed up the time flow until you hit the next event. Sounds familiar by now, right? The difference is that X-COM throws events at you to deal with them immediately, while Codex of Victory gives you some time to prepare. Which is nice as it lets you make a decision in a more planned and strategic manner. The base building, actually, reminds me Dragon Age: Legends more than X-COM because you can have obstacles underground and will have to take them into account when building the base. The tactical battles are somewhat similar to Army Attack, which I was told is close to Advanced Wars. It's meatier, though, which I also like. The core of the battle system is the action points. You spend them to move units, to attack enemies, and to deploy new units on the battlefield. I'd say your troops can be divided into two groups: jeeps and heavier units. The latter take more APs to deploy (you have to spend 1 AP to deploy a jeep, but a tank or an artillery piece needs 4 APs, for example). Occupying neutral bases increases the number of APs you can spend per turn. Occupying enemies' bases also robs the enemy of this crucial resource. Another vital function of jeeps is shielding your heavier units from enemy attacks. You can only deploy new units near your bases. So it takes some planning to keep a constant stream of jeeps toward the enemy to replace losses and to spearhead your advance. The difficulty spiked on the third mission, which I had to repeat a couple of times before I realized the importance of jeeps. The fourth, though, was just fine and I enjoyed baiting enemy artillery pieces with my jeeps so I could destroy them in a retaliatory strike. There are some parts of the game I still don't understand. I got several components to upgrade my units, for example, but I'm not sure whether 2 components will upgrade two units or two unit types. I'm also not clear whether the attachment is permanent or whether I'll be able to re-attach them to newer units. I also just unlocked research lab, which presumably allows to improve units, but I haven't built it yet. It's not a AAA title, so there are no voiceovers and no cutscenes, but the gameplay seems to be solid, so I'm definitely going to spend more time with the game.
  10. Codex of Victory (Steam Early Access)

    Oh my, Warlock was my favorite game a few years ago, and I'm still hoping to find time to play both Fantasy Wars and Elven Legacy. Color me curious.
  11. If you'll decide to play the original X-Com, check out It looks like the original game with its warts removed. And modding added.
  12. Sell Me On Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns

    Thanks, Flynn!
  13. Hi strategy mavens, I'm trying to catch up on all the good old games I missed in the past, and Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns is one of them. I started the campaign twice, each time putting about 10 hours into it. I also played a few skirmishes against AI and read several reviews. My experience was different from what I expected. For one, having fewer pieces than usual to move around made scouting impractical. It also led to all stacks having the same unit composition. What am I missing? Thanks!
  14. Blasphemy! Everyone knows that the Barbarians had the best theme song!
  15. Old Episodes' Links

    Thank you!