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  1. Twin Peaks Rewatch 47: The Return, Part 12

    That reddit post about patience is interesting but I'll tell ya what, that guy that was hired to stare at the glass box seemed pretty patient and things didn't work out well for him at all.
  2. Endorsements from Thumbs Readers

    Not compatible with the latest version of Firefox
  3. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    Loved the Dream Daddy QL. Abby and Ben are a really good quick look team. My impression was always that that's how Kingdom Hearts games are normally...
  4. Twin Peaks Rewatch 46: The Return, Part 11

    Haha yeah I've had all those thoughts as well and am similarly perplexed by the whole thing, but it's 11 episodes in now and at this point I just roll with it.
  5. Twin Peaks Rewatch 46: The Return, Part 11

    You guys talk about the future Missing Pieces for Dougie's Mitchum Brothers Gym Set conversation, but the scene I want to see is Dougie somehow ordering a cherry pie in a giant box. Did he have a Mr Jackpot moment where there was a glowing light over the cherry pie or did he just Magoo his way towards it (and the huge box) with his boss and some poor barista. I have to know!
  6. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    Same. Dan has gotten a lot more open minded since he joined GB, which is great, and like for example recently he actually acknowledged how fucked up his time in college was whereas the last time it came up when I'm pretty sure he said something like "I don't see why anyone works hard in college and how I got through is good and cool", but sometimes the "I thought the screwdriver bit was the one you used to drill holes in the wall" or "what is a mortgage" type of stories/questions are just too much for me. What I'm saying is fire Dan, hire Jeremiah. On an unrelated note, did anyone else watch the latest Mario Sunshine video? Their struggles on the first FLUDD-less level were...impressive.
  7. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    Yeah I remember being puzzled by that when it happened
  8. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    Yeah it was mainly that there were mechanics he never understood or used. Typical internet stuff. I'll have to make it my lazy weekend morning programming from here on out. I love Vinny but his love of Lore is often his undoing. I'm surprised he hasn't read the Assassin's Creed novels...
  9. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    Is Beast in the East worth going through? At some points I read some people getting frustrated with it for various reasons (mostly Dan's playstyle), but then people always complain about that stuff so I dunno how much credence to give it. Agreed the energy and enthusiasm on the east coast is really great. I haven't watched a Unprofessional Friday since Ben joined but the ones I saw before that were snoozefests.
  10. Idle Thumbs 309: "Terrible" Jason Voorhees

    I hate to be the bearer of bad Mario Lore news, but when Mario uh, uninhabits something, it doesn't disappear. It lays there stunned for a second before going back to it's normal behavior. At least this is how it worked in the bit of the Treehouse playthrough I saw. Maybe it depends on the enemy?
  11. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    Not that I noticed.
  12. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    There are some posts in the megathread about it but why have a dedicated thread for freaking Split and not this? Anyway, the action is great and easy to follow and the way everything syncs to the music is a lot of fun, but outside of the action itself nothing really left an impression on me at all. I guess the thinness of the plot and characters really held it back for me. That said I still had a lot of fun and wouldn't mind seeing it again to pay closer attention to the choreography since on the first viewing I was mostly just focused on following what was happening. Also
  13. Important If True 19: Pearls Before Slime

    Sorry I was just making a shitty joke...I didn't mean for it to come across that way at all!
  14. Important If True 19: Pearls Before Slime

    I came here to post this. This is just basic science guys...
  15. Is It Wrong To Eat Meat?

    I have a tofu press in that I have a plate and some big cans of tomatoes
  16. Is It Wrong To Eat Meat?

    I like doing baked tofu for sandwiches. The baking gives a chewier texture I guess? It's a good deli meat replacement. You can also marinade it in various things for a few hours beforehand to blast some flavor in there.
  17. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Yeah I think some of the overworld dependent quests/events may not spawn anymore or if they do it's only in a few very specific locations and some PvP modes rotate in and out each week. Like most things in that game, they're not very well communicated. On that note, I remember this point after The Taken King had come out that I was working on getting an exotic sword, and it involved getting some rare materials. I was just running laps in one of the moon zones opening chest after chest (the locations are semi-random and maybe one in ten would give me the Moon Dust or whatever the fuck it was I needed) and I sighed and said to myself "what are you doing" and I just turned it off right there for good. Repeatedly running strikes or raids for gear is one thing since it's still fun to shoot stuff with folks, but there's a point where The Grind becomes very bad that I refuse to engage in. Hopefully Destiny 2 will be good about this...
  18. Inside

    God I immediately know which one you're talking about and just thinking about it makes me a bit anxious.
  19. Twin Peaks Rewatch 36: The Return, Part 2

    I'm not sure if this was in Part 1 or 2, but I love how Hawk completely trusts the Log Lady and immediately began digging up old files to find what was missing in Cooper's case. Reminds me of how they all totally bought in to Cooper's Tibetan rock tossing back in the day.
  20. Something True 7: Charlie Joyride

    Seriously. This show is so good.
  21. Nick did you walk into that creepy diner and then just slowly back out immediately? What happened in there!?
  22. If we are plugging Andy Daly stuff, I will mention his insanely good (and also just insane) job as L. Ron Hubbard on the now defunct Dead Authors Podcast. The first part being so bananas they ended up having to bring him back for a second episode to wrap things up.
  23. Backlog Busters

    I'm gonna guess that this is what got you into this predicament in the first place...
  24. Movie/TV recommendations

    Back when Criterion was on Hulu we did one. I think we made it through four movies or so before it died off...