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  1. GDC '16 / SF thumbs hang out

    See you there!
  2. Game Dev Talks/Lectures

    Heres the talks from the latest DICE and Steam Dev Days
  3. Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary

    Hip hip hooray!
  4. Pinball Club

    Been loving me some Pinball Arcade recently, really got back in to it, so much so i'm looking at getting one when i move in a few weeks (if i have room!!). I used to play the Data East Star Wars machine at the place we always stayed when i was on holiday as a kid, reaaaaaally want to get that! Think my favourite on Pinball Arcade is Scared Stiff, mainly because it's a bit easier than a lot of the others and it's has fairly simple rules
  5. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    Yup there is also... . Great game, really well crafted and put together. I like how it started out super creepy after listening to that answer machine message, along with the storm and all the lights being off. Glad I read through the last few pages on here because it answered a bunch of questions about things I missed or didn't piece together. I think the only bad thing I'd say about it is having to find that one damn object in the whole house that would open up the attic, I obviously hadn't searched everything that systematically, so finding that thing took ages of me wandering about trying to find a tiny object amongst all the other stuff. I think there is a bunch of other stuff i missed too, so going to give it another playthrough during the week.
  6. Death of animation?

    Not alot to add that hasn't already been said but, It's a shame that there might not be any more Disney feature lengths, but traditional animation will still survive in shorts/cartoons etc. As pointed out already, the line between CG and hand drawn is already blurred with flash/Toon Boom etc and that stuff is still thriving from cartoons, games etc. Moving to 3d is just a different set of tools to achieve the same effect (as pointed out by John Lasseter in that article), all the same principles are used. Just watch and listen to any of the commentaries on any disney or pixar film and the animators are both talking about the same things. Interesting discussion though. I love all types of animation, but especially disney. I got asked at work this week if the stack of 8 disney bluray on my desk that got delivered were for my niece. People wouldn't have batted an eyelid if they were ghibli films.. although that's a different discussion
  7. Downton Abbey

    This is why I was intrigued to watch it, I think they've mentioned it in passing on the podcast a few times.
  8. Downton Abbey

    Near the end of the second series and pretty much agree with both of you now. First series was enjoyable, now it's just very soap-ey. And also yes, all political stuff is junk. Although, what did I really expect from an ITV series?
  9. Transistor

    Content I guess. Looks great though.
  10. DuckTales Remastered?! WOOHOO!

    I constantly get the duck tales music stuck in my head, which inevitably leads me to getting the chip and dale tune in there... and then gummi bears. Now I have all three and think I might go mad! :s
  11. Downton Abbey

    Ok, I get it now after watching the 4th episode. It's like the dramatic intimacy of TNG or Firefly or something, but in an english country house... with better acting.
  12. Downton Abbey

    Heard good things from a bunch of sensible people, and also mentioned on the podcast numerous times. Just wondering what people think about this show? Just started watching it and finding it fairly enjoyable. For me it's like a good Pride and Prejudice, full of intrigue adn romance, except I'm no longer 13 and don't think it's shit (yes, that bbc series was in 1995).
  13. Some more people asked for it, and I finally got round to it, so GDN now has an rss feed (after nearly a year!) http://www.gdne.ws/feed Enjoy
  14. When I was a kid, one of my big sisters friends drew me a sweet picture of Cool Spot, I had it on my wall for a ages (it may even still be there at my folks house). Years later I had a fling with the same girl. During our intimate moments I often thought of Cool Spot.