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  1. I was hoping to get at leased 4 people in a group for some bank heisting! I loved the original but it was only me and one friend that played together, and you really need 4 with head sets working together. Pub games work sometimes, but if you really want to do well you need a team communicating. Payday 2 comes out in 'August', so not long! Not sure if people want to create a group or just exchange steam names, suggestions? My steam tag is 'Stewmull' with the same avatar.
  2. Life

    Who are 'them'? Unless it is your family haha
  3. subtlety in dialogue?

    I found the writing/presentation of that writing in Saints Row 3 to be the best of any game. I know it is over the top and ludicrous, but there are more stand out moments In that game than most of my top 10 combined. Also KOTOR 2 is one of my favourite games of all time, because it is one of the most dark representations of Star Wars.
  4. Life

    baha ok ok
  5. Life

    man you guys get really nervous about stuff... Just chill and take it as it comes Also, I love my job, and I get to listen to podcasts and music all day while I create/edit AutoCAD drawings. And I get to come on here at lunch!
  6. FTL

    Nice one!
  7. Life

    Not talking to people is the best way. Aberdeen is pretty bad for all things offensive to be honest.
  8. Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary

    God... I was 10 in 2003...
  9. Life

    I have been brought up to be nice and polite to everyone i meet, regardless of their culture, race, sex or background. And thats what I do. I dunno, I find it hard to understand how people cant to do that.
  10. Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary

    I am so glad this was found! thanks Sam! really miss John Walker, Tom Francis and Tim Edwards podcasting together... The crate and crowbar is a good substitute though Also jake we all know you are better than that
  11. Life

    hope you get it!
  12. Life

    Enduro/all mountain bikes are the way to go man! full sus 140/160mm travel is all you need for everything apart from world cup DH tracks, I ride my all mountain bike way more than the DH rig. I will keep you in mind if i venture down south in the summer for some filming/riding... Always wanted to go to Chicksands...
  13. Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary

    Unfortunately when i went back to find it most of them have been lost to black hole of the internet
  14. Life

    I did a course in enduro at dirt school last year and it was so helpful it was crazy. A whole day of riding with a coach and like 4 other people at innerleithen. It was in the chucking it down all day too, so if you didnt do what they told you to do you would crash, a lot. which I did. But after 3 or so hours it all set in and its weird how easy some things become with a little bit more knowledge. I would highly recommend it! Also, watching back that video i was just like 'god I look so slow, and this track looks flat as fuck' haha Gopros do that though. I plan on taking my go pro on every ride or hill I climb this spring and summer, and make a compilation at the end of the year
  15. Life

    Haha its weird how one ride can get you back on it, the last year i havent been doing as much. Reason for that was snapping my collar bone riding downhill tracks, you lose confidence in your own ability injuring your self :/ But after watching the supercross for the past couple of weeks I am itching to get back out on the DH rig. Riding DH is the most peaceful thing in the world for me. This is my go pro footage of half of my favorite trail Two years ago i filmed that, weird. WAY faster now haha.
  16. FTL

    Watch 'Ohm Wrecker' on youtube, he was the first guy to beat it. The thing I learnt from him was to use almost all of the early locations to gain scrap crew etc. as the fleet arc speeds up the further you get into the game. I always take out the rocket pods first, they will do the most damage and set fires etc. I normally use a stealth generator and as soon as I see the rockets firing I cloak. Also fire all of your rapid fire lasers at once, rather than sustained fire. Go for the shields first and then wepons. When it comes to the drones, I take down the shields then the robot room. Also try kill the people in the weapon pods, so they cant repair them, but just killing them doesn't stop them firing. I beat it almost every time now on normal. For what that is worth. Oh and pause, A LOT.
  17. Life

    To be honest one of the reasons I ride mountain bikes is so I can get away from everyone. Especially the secret trails where no one goes (and they are built better than any trail centre haha).
  18. Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary

    I started listening a couple of days after they finished the first batch of 51 pods, I was super bummed about missing out. They the 13 or so with Gaynor were amazing. And remember when they announced the kickstarter and I was super stoked I heard about them from the Uk PC gamer podcast, just a off hand comment by Tom francis about how some UI was bad and he thought jake seemed smarter than that or something, really weird how that turned out... Well done thumbs! And I wish you another happy 10 years!
  19. Life

    Is this in Scottish boarders by any chance? Also most people who like action sports like mountain biking or motocross are not that pleasant. From what I have come across anyways.
  20. Life

    Erkki that made me laugh so much, adding pictures to the podcast just makes it better. Also good job on the non smoking!
  21. Minecraft

    Maybe the time for me to play is over, it was 3 years ago I started playing and must have put hundreds of hours into it over a year and a bit. I think I have lost that spark, I'm going to play some multiplayer with a friend and see if we like it (both stopped playing at the same time). One other thing, this might just be me, but im not sure. The industry as a whole feels different from 2-3 years ago. Minecraft unified the whole pc community, everyone was having super colourful and almost innocent fun with this game. But as it started to fade away and the consoles started to lag aswell as the Lords Management's crept in, I feel the industry feels... I dunno... darker... Less united, groups have splintered. No mans sky could re-spark that but it is not player content generation, just procedural exploration. Im not saying I have not had fun in the last 2 years, I have played and enjoyed a lot of games (around 80-90). Mad ramblings... But I have been thinking about that for the past couple of months. I might just be me and im not as happy as I was 3 years ago haha. Also please don't jump on me for the Lords Management comment.
  22. Minecraft

    I have been thinking about this game alot lately. I played from the alpha up until there was tameable wolves. But I went back a couple of months ago and really didnt like the new additions: magic, xp, etc. So this lead me to think that this is the only game where I disliked future revisions. I dont want to turn into a CS 1.6 nut or anything. But I think I have become a minecraft beta purist.
  23. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    So i started and finished the first book last night. It was surpirsing how similar it was to the films, like shockingly so. I love the art style and the dialouge is great. Also I dont think i would want to see it in colour, I really like the black and white nature of it.
  24. No Man's Sky

    Watching the trailer back I think the UI looks really slick. Also when the star fighters are flying through the asteroid field and one shoots through a asteroid, I wonder how much will be destructible.
  25. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Black and white, just finished star wars lastnight, so I will be starting the first book when I am free this week, cant wait!