Bite-sized Strategy

August 31, 2016 Rob, David Heron, and Troy "It's dignity, gah - don't you even know dignity when you see it?" Goodfellow get together to talk about strategy games that don't take 100 hours to play. Whether you're burned out on the sprawling grand strategy games that take up more time than most community college degrees or you just don't have enough time left in the day after pursuing your community college degree, shorter games can be better. But why aren't there a lot of compact, quick-to-play strategy games? Why does the general gaming public hate the ones that do exist? Our panel tries to crack the case of the easily digestible strategy game and ultimately leaves slightly depressed.

Kingdom, Offworld Trading Company, Invisible Inc., Valkyria Chronicles, Heroes of the Storm, Game of War and stuff, Hearts of Iron IV, Battle of the Bulge, Tharsis, Hero Academy, Hero's Charge, Atlantic Fleet, Heroes of Might and Magic, Horse and Musket, Masters of Orion, Sid Meier's Starships, Atom Zombie Smasher, Flotilla, Civilization V, Unity of Command

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