The Return, Part 18

September 8, 2017 Twin Peaks has ended, it was confusing, upsetting, and we have a lot of questions, but we loved it. Wait, what year is this? Join us for a discussion of the series finale of Twin Peaks, as we walk through Part 18 piece by piece, with many stops along the way to ruminate on everything that's come before, what it all means and feels like now that we're at the end.

Next week we'll be back with an episode full of reader mail and some final decompression of the season as a whole, but before we go: Thank you so much for sharing the last 16 weeks of Twin Peaks with us. It's been a one of a kind experience and we've loved spending the time with you.

Note: This is part two of our finale discussion! Listen to Part 17 first if you haven't yet! If you don't have it that episode, check our show's page inside your podcast listening app, or visit and find it there!

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Looking for a place to discuss the season with fellow viewers? We recommend the Twin Peaks Rewatch forum.

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