The Return, Part 17

September 8, 2017 It's time for the first half of the end. Twin Peaks' final curtain call aired as a two-part double-long event, and we ended up with so much to say about these final episodes, we followed suit and split our podcast into two parts as well. In this episode, almost every major plot thread we've seen this season culminates in an epic showdown at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department—a showdown that resolves itself so neatly it's unsettling, before everything starts to change, to slip, and fall apart.

Join us as we discuss Part 17 of Twin Peaks, The Return, and do our best to unpack our own reactions, what the events of the finale might mean, and what they mean to us.

Note: Our episode discussing Part 18 is available right now, too! If you don't have it, check our show's page inside your podcast listening app, or visit and find it there!

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