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We're following along with Twin Peaks Season 3 each week, having completed a full rewatch of the original run of the show. Join us as we delve back into Twin Peaks, and send your questions and comments on the current episode to twinpeaks@idlethumbs.net to be part of the conversation!

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April 7, 2015 Pine weasel or no, Ben Horn's wishes that Twin Peaks remain pure and unspoiled are too little, too late. We're way past that. So far past it that people's heads are transforming into furniture, that the villains are so interchangeable even the characters themselves can barely tell each other apart, that someone seems to die once a week and nobody cares. Welcome to Twin Peaks' 24th episode, "The Condemned Woman."

April 2, 2015 It's been a rough journey back through Twin Peaks recently, but we think we may have hit the roughest patch, with clearer skies to come. For now, we remain confounded—join us as we stumble through the highs and lows of "Slaves and Masters."

March 25, 2015 This is it. Twin Peaks is a different show now. In episode 22, amidst genius supervillains and melodrama aplenty, we have ventured further into the land of soap opera bombast than the series has previously dared. We discuss, bemused and baffled.

March 18, 2015 Our complete rewatch of Twin Peaks has taken us deep into late season two, a time when the show can't decide what its wants to be and seemingly re-invents itself each week. Fortunately there's more or less as much to like as there is to be perplexed by, in the show's 21st episode, "Checkmate."

March 11, 2015 We all understand that Twin Peaks is a sometimes surreal, sometimes absurdist series about a small town full of eccentric people, that comments on the soap opera and serialized TV show formats, but, while that is very aggressively true this week, the whole thing feels off and wrong. Join us as we discuss "The Black Widow," an out of place episode of Twin Peaks, in our weekly examination of the complete run of the show.

February 25, 2015 We've now solidly put the murder of Laura Palmer behind us, but the rest of Twin Peaks keeps ticking along—with the scene-stealing introduction of David Duchovny as DEA agent Denise Bryson.

February 18, 2015 In the wake of Laura's murder wrapping up, lore starts to build up and things get a little dumb, but there are still plenty of bright spots in our weekly rewatch of the complete run of Twin Peaks. Join us for the 18th episode, "Dispute Between Brothers."

February 11, 2015 An episode of parlor rooms and connecting dots brings some huge stories to a close, but might wrap things up with too neat a bow. It's time for "Arbitrary Law," the 17th episode of Twin Peaks in our complete rewatch of the series.

February 4, 2015 Following last week's revelations, Laura's killer becomes even more brazen as he continues to evade capture. It seemed like the show reached its climax, but it's still building as we continue our weekly examination of Twin Peaks' original run.

January 27, 2015 It's happening again. Join us as we discuss "Lonely Souls," one of the pivotal episodes of Twin Peaks' second season, as part of our weekly re-examination of the show's complete run.

January 21, 2015 Stories align, and plot threads clean themselves up, all while never quite crossing this week on Twin Peaks. David Lynch steps in front of the camera as FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole, the Mill plot continues to simmer against all odds, and even characters who aren't teens can't help but act like them. Join us as we discuss Twin Peaks' 14th episode, "Demons."

January 13, 2015 We're deep in the heart of Twin Peaks-as-ongoing-TV-series now, as a bunch of action-packed sneaking around happens, while Donna carries the emotional weight of the series herself, in her seemingly-solo search to understand Laura's murder.

January 7, 2015 Everyone is so distracted by their own lives this week that the investigation into Laura's murder takes a bit of a back seat. Fortunately, this week, everyone's lives are pretty fun to watch. Join us in our weekly look at the complete run of Twin Peaks, as we watch "Laura's Secret Diary."

December 30, 2014 Twin Peaks quickly dives right into the heart of the Season Two portion of Laura Palmer's mystery, and we follow right behind. Cooper and the crew make some strange breaks in the case, and a love triangle becomes a quadrangle, but there is some worrisome super-strength and regressive memory loss appearing at the edges of things. Join us as we take a look at "The Man Behind Glass."

December 23, 2014 The investigation slows as season two's new storylines take center stage this week, in our re-examination of Twin Peaks. Things get weird. There is creamed corn. Do you see it?

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We're following along with Twin Peaks Season 3 each week! Join us, and check out our full rewatch of the original fun of David Lynch and Mark Frost's classic series.