Twin Peaks Rewatch 9: May the Giant Be With You

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What bothers me is that, in the pilot, I feel like James has the potential to be an interesting, non-traditional kind of character. I do agree with you that there are some well-acted parts coming up for Donna, and maybe some of the behind the scenes information about the actor's influence on the show further colors my view of her negatively, but sometimes it doesn't seem like she was Laura's sweet and loving best friend at all, more like a bitchy jealous shadow of her. And she wants to find out who killed Laura but she is constantly telling the others not to go to the police, for really no reason at all. Donna just frustrates me I guess.


She's definitely frustrating at times, and can seem inconsistent as well. FWWM Donna seems like a more straightforward character, although what works for a film wouldn't necessarily work for a show. I'm ultimately happy with both characterizations and also

with both performances. They're almost like two different characters which seems somehow appropriate, like Moira Kelly morphed into Lara Flynn Boyle triggered by the shock of Laura's death!

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Okay, I am glad someone is talking about this because I just brought it up in the episode 11 thread. 

Like FWWM Donna feels more realistic given the confines of the movie and the show. Donna, to me, feels like until the events of FWWM has really no idea what Laura is up to other than having her prom queen surface level and her potentially downstairs "dating two boys, maybe doing drugs" level, and until the events of the Pink Room stuff, has no idea about what lurks in the basement level of Laura. Laura even dies without Donna really being aware of Bob or Leland since that happens right before Laura dies as well. it's never cleared up if Donna knows who Leland really is, even in the series. But the stuff at the Pink Room felt more appropriate as Donna characterization that feels backwards once you go back to the TV show - things like TP Donna wearing Laura's sunglasses to usurp her coolness feels so babyish considering that FWWM Donna basically threw herself into Laura's lifestyle in order to compete with her. It felt like a very spiteful move towards Laura, almost as if she was mad Laura locked her out of her life in that regards.


However, the stuff with Howard later on feels like a return to the kind of behavior she exhibited in the movie, like she really wants to be Laura and now that she's gone, she can be to some degree.

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Ha so this is really interesting to me in light of series 3 for a few reasons. 



Firstly the whole thing feels like a microcosm of series 3. So much slowness in scenes of almost nothing which exist to feed into a larger picture. The extra time gives lynch the ability to fill the vacuum with whatever he wants and at the pace he wants. 


And how the old man is basically the same as the woman with the key to the apartment where Briggs is found. 


Its great to see where bobby turns a corner. 


The old man scene is feels like it’s basically the writers going “so you’ve waited four months to find out about cooper? Here’s another five minutes!!”


i like how Andy can’t get albert’s name right (although albert’s caricaturing of Andy as a dog is pretty accurate). 


Leland has a weight off his shoulders for some reason...  

it was really good for like a nano second Sarah gets into leland’s song and seems happy for that nano second. 


I feel like Donna just wants to be Audrey but she’s completely cheesy about the whole thing (kiss me! Cigarette flick, investigating!). 


Briggs to bobby is so good. It’s weird to think how important he is to Twin Peaks: the lore when even at this point we have only seen him really do three motivational speeches to bobby. 


I loved the hospital food thread. 


I liked that Shelly and Bobby seemed really happy (especially Shelly, the actor did a great job in this scene). I’m also glad that bobby didn’t do a fist in the air a la the end of the breakfast club. 


Plaid seemed to be in earlier than than I remembered. 


The whole ed, nadine and Norma thing is a complete mess. Basically I think Ed is an ass. 



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