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I've always enjoyed writing stories and authoring interactive fiction for video games, and feel like I am pretty okay at it, but lately I've been wanting to learn more about it, somewhat as a result of growing anxiety that maybe I'm not as good as I think I am.


Anyone have any must-read books or articles relating to sort of specific things about writing a narrative? I know about the whole hero's journey and show don't tell, and my vocabulary is fairly extensive, but what I'm after are resources that dive a little deeper into specific parts of writing, like how to set the stage or write emotionally troubled characters, how to make characters relatable and three-dimensional, keep dialogue true to life, those kind of things.


If Sean or Jake is wandering these halls I'd also be curious to hear about where or how they learned some of these principles. The writing in Firewatch, from what we've seen, is already really great, and ofcourse the Telltale games were too. I want to try to get on that level, you know.



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