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Hello idle forums!


I'm new to posting here, but I think this is the right place to get feedback on a fairly unique game design question.


I need to design a game, or adapt an existing game, to work with an assistive device for stroke patients who have lost movement in an arm. The device helps patients move their limb again, and I can make it work as a single degree of freedom input device for a PC, where it gives back the angle of their elbow joint. And as a further limitation, the game can't require the user to move too quickly. With such limited input, I don't have too many ideas for what kind of game to make for this device. I really want to find a game that someone who has lost their mobility can have fun with, not just some game that has been dumbed down and would obviously work better with a controller or mouse and keyboard. So, have any ideas for simple games to make or games that could be adapted to work with such limited input?


tl;dr: Help me make a game stroke patients can play with their robot arm!

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I imagine a game where at the bottom of the screen there is a hand that moves horizontally. An object could fall from the top of the screen slowly. When the player changes their elbow-joint angle, the hand moves across the screen. So the right-side of the screen might be a full extension and the left-side might me touching their shoulder. As the game continues, more objects fall onto the stack and may wobble as it gets taller. The player would have to take corrective measures to account for the wobble. As the game progresses, the objects could symbolize more and more valuable/fragile things. If they manage to balance a baby on a stack of fine china, they win!

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