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Also known in some circles as "battlestations." Show me where you play your video and computer games. I always like seeing these kinds of threads, because I'm the type of creep who, when presented any kind of image with a bookshelf in the background, will immediately try to discern what each item on the shelf is. I also really like interior design.

Right now I've got a pretty decent thing going on. I just moved into this apartment in December, so it's a little sparse right now. The couch was here when I moved in and is going to be replaced by a black sectional somewhere down the line when I can afford it. Right now my biggest shame is the awful cord management (I've been looking all over for something to hide the cords under the computer desk, but I'm not finding much. Keep in mind that I'm in Atlantic Canada, so there's no IKEA here). I've got my work cut out for me, but I'm happy with what I've got.

The compy:


Introducing my love of glossy black rectangles, particularly black glass. The tower (not pictured anywhere in these photos, it's right beside the couch) is an okay prebuilt Acer rig I got a few years back. It does what it needs to, though it could use a new graphics card. I've already gone on at lengths about my mouse and keyboard here, so I won't bug you with the details. Most of what's onscreen in this shot is Steam with a custom skin based on Metro. There's a reskinned Winamp up there too. I like having a clean desk and a clean interface.


Those awful cords! The office chair is nice, but beginning to get a little ragged. I know I have a warranty on it, but I don't think they make it anymore, so I would have to replace it with a different chair. The footstool is still nice and comfy, though! The outside view from the chair is a very nice grove of trees in front of the downtown skyline. If you get up and move to a different part of the room, however, it's the neighbours' roof. The roof is just close enough that I totally want to try jumping out the window onto it, but just far enough that I would probably fall and die if I tried to. Strongly considering buying one of those remote control toy helicopters and using it to tap annoyingly on their bathroom window.


The couch. It's ugly as hell, but it's surprisingly soft and comfortable. This is my first one-bedroom and I've had nothing but futons for years, so it's easily the most comfortable piece of furniture I've ever owned. The black media shelf at the back houses my gradually-shrinking collection of physical games and movies (I do a sweep every spring. If I can't justify owning something I get rid of it, hence having only a handful of games per console). I keep a record of the games on Backloggery. There's also a tiny multi-purpose smoked glass table that gets moved around a lot and a small black basket for storing very frequently-used controllers. I was playing Super Mario Galaxy and left the gold Wiimote+Nunchuk on the couch. Whoops!

...That black line is a lamp, by the way.


I have a big thing for the Gameboy Advance, so I pick up a lot of loose GBA carts these days. I like rifling through them. There's a 3DS/DS game case in there too. That statue is the Club Nintendo Platinum prize from a few years back. I've made Platinum every year since I joined, because I am a consumer whore. B)


Keen-eyed observers will note that more than a third of this bookshelf is occupied by the work of Osamu Tezuka (at least one version of everything he ever had published in English, with the exceptions of Metropolis and Crime & Punishment. There's a few essays about him in there too). I want to make an effort to read more prose, so I've been filling this up a little bit with some Terry Pratchett books recently. I also have some things to get rid of here, like the Scott Pilgrim books. The black square at the bottom is a fabric drawer stuffed to the brim with less-frequently-used game controllers. I like these shelves a lot even though they're a little cheap and not really meant for books.


The frequently-used-handhelds spot. The PSP gets the least use, but I like having it around. I like to hook it up to the TV and sync it to a Dualshock 3 so that I can treat it like a console. The DS lite serves as a backup for both the Gameboy Micro (the sexiest handheld ever built) and the 3DS. The black and red thing is a GP2X Wiz, a Korean handheld used for emulation. I bought it to play Mother 3, but I also get some Mega Man 2 and Sweet Home in on it sometimes. It is surprisingly nice, but I don't use it too much. Handhelds currently in storage: original-model Gameboy Advance, an iPod Touch that still works fine but has a wonky headphone jack, and the "Elite Beat Agents and World Ends With You DS lite," which has suffered enough damage to be unsellable, but still (mostly) functions. Now used exclusively for touchscreen-destroying games.


And finally, the Gigatron. More black glass and awful cord management. Also, my poor plant that almost died from spending six months in a basement apartment and is ever-so-gradually growing up big and strong again. There is a tiny clay purple Pikmin in the pot, made by me. I need to find a better place for my totally bitchin' TRON phone. Devices currently in rotation: PS3, Wii U, Xbox, PS2, Wii, and a Western Digital TV box thing. Currently out of rotation: the Dreamcast (coming back after I get a VGA adapter and maybe give it a good deep-down cleaning and a fresh coat of paint), the N64, the NES (currently broken; repair attempts have been unsuccessful. May be replaced with a Retro Duo later on down the line), and the SNES (currently hooked up to a tiny TV on my bedroom, but mostly unused). The TV will probably be replaced with a bigger one eventually since it's now much further away from where I usually sit. I also intend to replace the WDTV thing with a LaCie LaCinema. I don't know what to do with the Wii now that it's basically only used for Gamecube games and emulating Earthbound.

I know it doesn't look like much right now, but I've been living in shoebox apartments all alone since I was a teenager. This is a very small lifetime's worth of stuff spread out over a very big room (the biggest place I've ever lived in!) You should see the bedroom; besides that TV and SNES, the only thing in the room is the bed itself, which is actually a worn-down futon. I have big plans for this place; I just need to build up the money to pay for it all.

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There's also an existing thread about setups FYI: http://www.idlethumb...sks#entry192072

Yo, copy and paste all that into the other thread
Aw, I'm bad at this. Sorry. I'll copy it over.

Very nice. I wish I had that much space!

It's so nice. My last apartment didn't even have a full closet (half of it was occupied by a hot water heater), so I'm super pleased with it. Now that I have space for extraneous cruft, I'm considering getting some completely needless big decoration. I'm thinking of building a MAME cabinet custom-sized to fit into a corner or buying one of those black fiberglass mannequins or something. I wanna' hang up some pictures or something too and feel like I should do something to make the space more "girly."

I briefly thought your Wii nunchuck was horrible and filthy before realizing that it was juts the gold one.

It's probably the best thing I've gotten from Club Nintendo. I've got a few other CN things around the apartment too: the invincibility star messenger bag, the Platinum Member pin set, the Platinum Member transparent playing cards, and the Hanafuda cards (which were a big help when I watched Summer Wars).

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I've got those 4 volumes of absolute sandman, I just gave up they kept bloody releasing new ones. Missing vol 5 and absolute death

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Man, this is a nice setup. I am super jelly. Clearly I need to get a bigger apartment.

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