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  1. I don't suppose anyone around here happens to have the old Shack Cast episodes sitting around. They're definitely not hosted on shacknews anymore, and no hero has stuck them on the internet archive. It would be a real shame if they were actually lost forever.
  2. Licenses That Demand A Game

    I would love it if DICE dropped their Star Wars Battlefront game in favor of making a similar game based on GI Joe. Ever since BF 1942 came out I have wanted to be able to use all of those silly vehicles (Trubble Bubbles!!) in a similar game.
  3. GeoGuessr

    I've played this game twice so far, and both times it has dropped me in situations where you can't move the camera and explore the environment. First I was in some nondescript field that turned out to be somewhere in Greece (I went with Belarus), and just now I was on the deck of a cruise ship called Serenity. Weird.
  4. SimCity: The City Simulator

    I can't be the only one who assumes there will be some sort of a single player big city expansion somewhere down the line, right? It just seems obvious that there is a demand for it, and people will surely pay cash money for it.
  5. Gaming Setups

    I briefly thought your Wii nunchuck was horrible and filthy before realizing that it was juts the gold one.
  6. Idle Thumbs 91: The Clapper

    Shawn Elliott on Idle Thumbs is truly a dream come true. I have the worst dreams, by the way.
  7. VG Mutha Fuckin As (Holy crapping cow)

    Hate to break it to you vimes, but the awards are not voted on by the fans. Its a handful of journalists who do the voting. Don't get too high on how worldly gamers are.
  8. VG Mutha Fuckin As (Holy crapping cow)

    Congrats dudes.
  9. Xbox Gold Accounts

    Its pretty easy to find cards for $35 on amazon. When they go on sale they tend to stay on sale for a good long while, so there's no need to stay extremely vigilant. As far as why I pay for live, its really just because its my best solution for watching Hulu, Netflix and whatnot and its works out to three bucks a month.
  10. Telltale Expanding in 2013

    haha. They locked it.
  11. First PC in 9 years; what should I play?

    I love your Alistair Cookie avatar Fausto. Those sketches are great. I have no PC gaming advice. I haven't had a decent PC in years.
  12. Best Quote? (and Best Ladders?)

    Wow. It never occurred to me that there are no ladders in Bethesda's games. My mind is blown. I understand that perhaps all the world's ladders might have been destroyed by nuclear war, but surely the people of Skyrim must have developed ladder technology by now.
  13. Confessions of an Internet Eater

    I am currently sitting here reading this stupid forum rather than going out and meeting up with friends.
  14. Was Patrick ever properly introduced? When I finished listening to this it occurred to me that aside from saying his name, no one explained who the hell he is. I'm a Giant Bomb fan, so I'm very familiar with him, but I could certainly imagine an Idle Thumbs listener who isn't familiar with the guy. On an unrelated note, my left shift key has suddenly started making tildes instead of Capitalizing things. This is pretty upsetting.
  15. Putting Items in Characters' Butts: Why?

    I dunno. I keep all my most important stuff in my butt.