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Well that was pretty bad. 1 year of life. No decisions made.

0 years old

I was born a boy in the city of Yola in Nigeria's Adamawa State.

My parents have named me Yakubu. My surname is Chukwu. My mother, Annakiya, is 25 and my father, Aminu, is 29. I have a sister, Adesina, age 2 and a brother, Matiu, who is 3.

My mother has schistosomiasis.

My mother is now working as a part-time assembler.

My father has been cured of schistosomiasis.

My sister Adesina has had malaria.

1 year old

Learned to crawl at the age of 8 months.

Got my first tooth at the age of 9 months.

Learned to walk at the age of 15 months.

I have had malaria.

Died at age 1 from tetanus.

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Has nobody else tried this? Giving the trial a spin...

e: Wish the UI here was better.

1) No windowed mode?

2) No way to kill the load menu music?

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Born as a female in Malaysia to a working-class family

Couldn't make it to college because my intelligence was low (despite making reading one of my leisure activities and always choosing to stay late to study). Nurtured my inborn talent in music but that went nowhere.

Married a smart guy. Struggled to keep up but quit my job because my endurance level was below 10%

Had a kid at 35. Invested several thousand ringgits in a diversified asset allocation incl. bonds, mutual funds, land, high risk stock

Cut our spending down what seemed like every other year. Stupid spendthrift husband and me..

Saved up the 110k ringits to move to Canada by age 40 (legally). Just in time for my daughter to start school in Vancouver.

Took up a temp job to help out. Quit when my husband got his feet under him in the new country.

Got depressed.

Gave up trying to stay fit with sports and physical training, volunteered instead. Mood got better.

Daughter meets some guy with mediocre stats at age 15. I disapprove but don't kick her out.

They get engaged. I disapprove but don't kick her out. They go to college, surprisingly.

Incredibly proud to see them both graduate with degrees in math and get decent jobs.

And then...


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Something happened to me yesterday and it was this: I spent too much money at Wendy's on stupid Premium sandwiches. After I drove away from the restaurant I saw in my mind (as in, it literally popped in with a little "bup-boop!" sound) the dreaded, exasperating pop-up message,

"Your spending is creeping up."

Then just like I do when that happens in RL2010, I threw my hands in the air and yelled "Come ON, People!"

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