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  1. I'd like to join as well if possible. (I know I don't have many posts).
  2. Ni No Kuni

    That is probably what I'll end up doing in the end.
  3. Ni No Kuni

    I've been playing a bit of this game, and I'm about 10 hours in now. Now that it has opened up a bit I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by the 'familiar' system. I'm feeling the need to collect every one possible, and I worry about wasting time and items developing them improperly. I know that I need to get over this, but I'm finding it a bit paralyzing. I don't know if anyone else has had this experience.
  4. This episode got me way too excited for SimCity.
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello all, I listened to the podcast going way back, but I never bothered to post on the forums. Until now I guess.
  6. Real Lives

    I can't get the game to run unfortunately. I was looking forward to trying it.