Sir, You Are Being Hunted

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I feel the same way. There's too much tension in the single player game, it would be better to share that with others. Pair that with the customizable map generation, and you get a sense of exploring a world maker, as well as the worlds themselves. In a way, I'd have some of the Far Cry 2 co-op experience I've been hankering for for some time: going after objectives, sizing up "checkpoints," getting into nasty fights, on an open world map with friends. Multi may be a long way off, though, if it comes at all. May as well dream about mod support... I wonder if I could get a jeep in there somehow...

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I finally found a revolver!  But I have failed to use it effectively at all.  Shots seem to do a random amount of damage.  I have witnessed robots Dick Cheney-ing each other in the face—killing each other instantly with one shotgun blast.  Meanwhile I have unloaded all six of my bullets into robots (with visual indication that I've done so) without impairing them at all.


I'm sure this is a game where firearms are meant to be frustrating and a false sense of security.  Just like real life!

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