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"Auntie Pixelante" VS. Jim Sterling... MisandryVs. misogyny?

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You do know Anna Anthopy is transgendered, right? I'm not sure what's the proper term to call her... him? She IS a male, I've seen her broadcast live and she/he has a male body... she just thinks she should have been born with a female body...

I don't think anyone fully cleared this up for you, so I wanted to pop in and help. If someone wishes to identify as female, then you use the feminine pronoun. If Anna wishes to be or be thought of as a woman, then she is a she, and that's that. Her bodily appearance doesn't enter into it.

It's pretty rude to go against this, though I can sorta see the confusion if you haven't dealt with/thought about transgender issues much.

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Btw, I think a good rule of thumb when referring to transgender people is to go with whatever they identify as. If Anna identifies as a woman, it's proper to refer to her as such, regardless of whether she's pre-op, post-op or whatever.

Now you people are just coming up with excuses to keep this thread going.

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But this is Jim Sterling, he's an "equal opportunist hater" and will make crass jokes about anything...

Sorry, I don't buy it. An "equal opportunist hater" is just a common excuse for someone to disguise the fact that they're prejudice... In fact, I can't think of anyone who has ever truly fallen into that category. Does he attack gamers? Does he attack ranting game-reviewers? Does he attack people who like to hear someone angrily whine and bitch about things?

Edit: I haven't actually read anything in this thread other than the first post, so if this has already been covered and is about to die, please ignore me.

I only came here because Vimes made such a fuss about it.

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