The Idle Thumbs Podcast Episode 10: Nasty/Good/Badass

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I read a Jabba the Hutt TPB that Jim Woodring wrote. It was somewhat strange and always ended with the punchline, "YOU JUST GOT FUCKED BY JABBA."

But then again Jim Woodring usually does comics like this.

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For me it was RDR. It didn't outright make me cry, but at least a couple of tears were dropped.

I can't remember if another game has done that before. May have.

...I am apparently weird.

Games make me cry all the time. For what it's worth, I cry a little bit when I'm really angry, happy, frustrated, etc. Sometimes just trying to describe a game I love playing to someone causes a little tear to form...

Yeah, I'm pretty much the biggest wuss ever. Awesome.

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