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So, I just finished Fade to Silence for review on Gamecritics, and that game had me in its grips from the get go. The game is a Third Person survival game, with an emphasis on resource management. There is base building, follower management, permadeath, and some multiplayer too.


I love the frozen wasteland setting and it feels rewarding to push further into the world.


The thing is, there are soooo many bugs in the game, it is completely broken in places. That said I could not put it down for the 40+ hours I spent with it, even when it attempted to ruin me.


Anyway, if you can put up with the numerous and vicious bugs I strongly recommend it.

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Y'all still playin GAMES? Ya better believe I'm playing games. Here's some I've finished recently.


Void Bastards - Probably my GOTY so far. Looks and plays great. Darkly funny. Lots of clever design choices. Feels kinda like Teleglitch or Strafe, so if you liked those, play this.


American Fugitive - Like a modernized, rural, GTA 1. Great vehicle handling and "running from the law"-mechanics. Kinda likeable characters but forgettable story. I liked it tho!


Clam Man - In this adventure game you play as a clam man named Clam Man who gets fired from his job at the mayonayse factory and then begins uncovering a vast conspiracy. It's good!


Also finished since my last post: Return of the Obra Dinn, Titanfall 2, RDR2, A Short Hike, Momodora, COD:MW Remastered, Tacoma, and Beat Saber. ALL GOOD! :tup:

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I reviewed Void Bastards for Gamecritics and liked it a lot (top 5 this year for sure)


I am surprised more people that like Prey/Bioshock haven't been talking about some of the emergent gameplay stuff.


I played American Fugitive and have a review going out for it. The car handling was great, everything else felt very 'whatever'.


Oh yeah and my Fade to Silence review finally came out, it is probably my GOTY right now:


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