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Hey guys,


I am curious about your opinion.

I want to make a Real-time strategy game but with a twist, I want to add to it a horror/survival element to it.

Yes I know there is a game called "They Are Billions" that includes RTS gameplay + zombies and it is good but I do not find there any solid horror elements.


So my question is :

What game design elements would you combine from the RTS category with the horror category?


As an extra note, the view is limited to the top-down view and possible it is limited to the squad cap limit.


And as a side question:

DO you know any real-time strategy games that are mixed with horror/survival elements that may inspire me?

So far regarding RTS my main inspiration is C&C and starcraft

SO far regarding plot theme, my main inspiration is Xcom(game) and the movies "Aliens", "The thing" , "Phantoms", "The Mist"


thank you


PS: this is my first post here so also THANK YOU for letting me join



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