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Designer Notes 42: David Sirlin - Part 2

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Designer Notes 42:

Designer Notes 42

David Sirlin - Part 2
In this episode, Soren Johnson interviews veteran game designer David Sirlin, best known for his work on Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Yomi, and Puzzle Strike. They discuss how many hit points are too many hit points, whether his work is post-modernist, and how to make the first move in Yomi. Also, listen to see if Soren can successfully pronounce iconoclast.

Games discussed: Fantasy Strike, Divekick, Rising Thunder, Yomi, Pandante, Puzzle Strike, Offworld Trading Company, Codex


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I think this may have been my favorite episode of this podcast. Very interesting. I just wish it were recorded a little more recently to incorporate thoughts from OTC’s release and more of FS’s development. 

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I found the thoughts about discovering simplicity were really interesting. From trying to distil or force(?) fewer mechanics, to getting the realization to maybe thinking bigger might be the answer, in the lights of that Momir Vic card.


I happened upon this nice tidbit yesterday, just before listening to this episode:

Simplicity is a major concern in information design. The aim is clarity. Simplification of messages may imply quantitative reduction but is not restricted to that. Sometimes more information means more clarity. 


From Information Design, Wikipedia

(I do UI and Graphic Design, and was looking for some more sources after having read a great book on the matter).

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