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  1. Episode 418: They Are Billions

    I bought this game a week or two the show came out, tried it and returned it to Steam, so I listened with interest. I appreciate what TaB is doing, a lot, actually, but it's not enjoyable to me to use units as defenders and my preferred playstyle in AoE is to skirmish early, not to build walls. There are parts of it I'd like to see as features in another game -- a spiritual successor to Settlers 3, particularly! I was glad to hear the panel's thoughts about it, and it's always nice to have Troy back. I like it when the panel ages its opinions a bit before recording an episode about finished games, but with early access, part of the value is playing when everyone else is, and in a defense game before best practices are too well established. I think you all are hitting a nice mix between established and 'hot new thing' strategy titles. 👍
  2. This was interesting. I might have liked a bit about how to get into EU4 in 2018, but maybe that’s harder to answer when your playtime has four figures. Any forum suggestions?
  3. Episode 403: Survival Strategy

    I like the idea of Rob being the Brad Pitt of podcast hosts, eating while recording every chance he gets.
  4. Episode 403: Survival Strategy

    Well, I think it's safe to turn it back on again at 18:05...
  5. Designer Notes 32: Asher Vollmer

    Jedi Knight 2! I still occasionally wear the T-shirt I got for pre-ordering the game. Great game for LAN lightsaber fights at school. I remember disliking an update to lightsaber combat that adjusted the collision detection so parrying became easier. Fights became longer and less cutthroat. I was dimly aware at the time that there was a good lesson about what designs to polish and what not to polish.
  6. Episode 408: Tooth and Tail

    Oops, sorry for not picking that up! I swear I listened before commenting.
  7. Episode 408: Tooth and Tail

    I know I just thanked y'all for waiting to discuss Shadow Tactics, but thanks for discussing this one soon after release. I have been looking forward to the next game from the Monaco team, but I didn't realize that it was out already! Do aspects of the game remind anyone else of Pikmin or Darwinia?
  8. Thanks, Michael. I also appreciated the discussion about save-scumming. In addition to a hotkey instant reload, I appreciate when turn-based games offer an undo. Invisible Inc's "inventory of undos" and the way they teach you to use one in the tutorial, and then tell you it's okay!, is my favorite recent example of this. Appreciate that you waited several months past release to discuss this, too!
  9. Episode 405: Lords of Waterdeep

    Is it bad that KnobCon looks interesting to me? Entertaining episode. I agree Lords of Waterdeep's a game that's best on the table. I have the opposite opinion about its length, though. It looks heavy but it plays in about half an evening, even with people who are taking their time due to socializing or not having played previously.
  10. DeepMind & Starcarft AI

    Interesting! As a low APM gamer (well, everything) I find myself doing similar energy conversation strategies in games. Thanks for the explanation and I'll be watching this project with interest.
  11. DeepMind & Starcarft AI

    For sure. I just wondered if limiting the APM on the bot even further would force it to develop some interesting strategies. To use your analogy, it would be like forcing a football robot to run slower than humans so it had to try to win with a superior playbook, juking, etc.
  12. DeepMind & Starcarft AI

    It's an interesting project. @eRonin, I wonder if limiting APM even further would force it to develop better strategies? Maybe this is proof that APM matters too much in SC.
  13. Episode 402: Battle Brothers

    I can get standard gamer culture stuff about skin color and flavor text from a hundred other places, so it does feel like the opportunity cost is high when it comes up on the one and only 3ma. I didn't mind a few comments in a meaty 70 minute episode, though. Appreciate having Troy back and the four-person panel!
  14. The challenge to escape the influence of Gettysburg! while still making a good game has stuck with me since I listened to the episode. I think the most promising avenue is to restrict the view of the player to one character on the field and only allow control through that character's speech and writing. The result would be more like living in the 1993 movie and the tactical view feelies would have to be gotten by looking at in-game maps, I suppose. Something like this has been attempted before, right? At any rate, it seems like a solvable design challenge, unlike portraying a single historical battle without allowing hindsight benefit/knowledge of the inputs.
  15. Designer Notes 28: George Fan

    Enjoyed this! Thanks for leaving in the aside about Magic. I have the same magnetic attraction to Bomberman, too.