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  1. Enjoyable interview! Makes me think more designers should move to new cities and countries to unlock new insights.
  2. Three Moves Ahead Episode 480: 1999

    You guys misremembered what Brian Reynolds said about SMAC. He wanted to use Dune-style dialogue, but it was drier than he remembered, so he used Pirates of Penzance instead. Fun episode. I think there was a fourth person whose dialogue was accidentally silenced during editing a few times during the middle of the episode.
  3. Is Lord of the Realm 2 generally considered bad or is that just Rowan? That was a heavily played game on our two computer LAN. It’s admittedly a stronger TBS game with all battles auto-resolved since the real-time AI was janky.
  4. Episode 326: State of the RTS

    I honestly don’t know the point of havivg a forum if you can’t make some funny autocorrects.
  5. Excited for a luscious Winter of Wargaming! I try not to look a gift podcast in the mouth, but I am glad to hear some of the life issues this year may be behind you all because I do love when 3ma does what no other podcast is doing.
  6. Designer Notes 42: David Sirlin - Part 2

    I think this may have been my favorite episode of this podcast. Very interesting. I just wish it were recorded a little more recently to incorporate thoughts from OTC’s release and more of FS’s development.
  7. Episode 441: Rob & Bruce & WWI

    Enjoyed this episode, and I would very much like this format to be repeated!
  8. Episode 443: The Best RTS Comp Stomps

    I enjoyed ruining 7v1 Starcraft comp stomps on The procedure: share vision but don’t ally. Help kill the AI enough to look like one of the helpers when the game doesn’t end. Get a few innocent players killed off by the mob while building forces (but not enough to look guilty.) Convince a couple others to quit in favor of functional teammates. With any luck, become one of the remaining three, kill the most suspicious one and de-vision to outplay the hapless final victim. I think there’s enough action and subterfuge and RTS gambiting there to make some kind of popular .io minigame out of it.
  9. Designer Notes 41: David Sirlin - Part 1

    The dynamic in this episode was at times uncomfortable (to me, an ignorant listener), but I think the conversation benefitted from the differences between you two.
  10. No worries, Michael. I hope that you all see inquiries from us in the audience as concern for well-being rather than a demand to push through personal life issues and get that episode out.
  11. Terminal7 79: Something Terminal Alright

    I’ve enjoyed this podcast since episode 8 or so. Sorry to see it drawing to a close, especially under such lame circumstances!
  12. Episode 435: Omnia vincit Roma

    Really enjoyed this episode. I think one appeal of Rome in military tactical games is the myth of legible military ranks and formations. It's appealing to play first-generation warfare using third-generation tactics and fourth-generation knowledge, but in a historical setting that illudes that these things in one package is realistic due to superior organization and discipline.
  13. Episode 433: Frostpunk

    I think this episode would have benefitted from taking the conclusion and making it the intro. Listening to these stories and moral dilemmas is entertaining, but “interesting to experience once” is the standard impression about these kinds of games. I’d like to hear more about how the mechanics and available strategies specifically reduce or improve the replayability of the game.
  14. Designer Notes 38: Brian Reynolds - Part 1

    Brian, Lisp was not impractical! (Thoroughly enjoying this.)
  15. Episode 424: Command Ops 2

    Just wanted to say I am really enjoying the Winter of Wargaming so far.