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Gotcha. Well, not that I have any knowledge of the short film circuit, but my advice:

1) give yourself a strict deadline for making the new version (a week? You don't want to be tinkering with this forever, better to learn lessons and move onto the next one)

(Also, make a version with a public domain music cue for later use - even if it's a bit sloppy, better to have something than nothing.)
2) send it to every festival that fits your criteria but won't accept films that have been online

3) put it online and promote it as much as possible
4) send it to all the other festivals that fit your criteria, and at this point I don't see any reason not to send it to every festival going as long as it doesn't cost you anything. Make the most of that music licence! Even if you're not there to see the screenings, something good may come of them.

5) Make another short film!


Also, you mentioned that having a trailer might be helpful but you're too burned out on this film to make one - do you know (or could you find) any editors in training whom you could ask to make one for you? It would be good experience for them.

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Oh man, I shot this Kickstarter video on the weekend and although the acting is very basic (card game developers acting) the material turned out quite nice, because we had done some planning and got a good location that provided a nice natural lighting after some tweaking. Can't wait to share the results in January or so.

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