[Release] And That's Why The Skeleton Farts That Way

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On 22.6.2017 at 0:05 PM, Ben X said:

The hand-drawn style is lovely, the music's really nice and the dialogue's cute! I'm stuck at the moment, but the puzzle I solved was very cool:


Thank you all for playing! Happy to hear that you liked the atmosphere as my focus and time went largely to drawing and designing the world - This means also that the gameplay/puzzles had to be somewhat rushed, but still I'm pretty proud of that dumb nice tree door puzzle. Good to hear that the dialogue worked, I write very little anything and writing in English adds extra stress.


I'm really happy with the music my friend made for this. The intro/outro track is adapted from the podcast theme and the in game music is adapted from "The Wizard" (it takes a while, but the latter half of the track is a cool interpretation of the C.Remo classic).


On 22.6.2017 at 3:48 PM, Ben X said:

The ending was very funny! I'm guessing that a puzzle which is alluded to but not included was cut for time?


When I started I only had the ending scene clear in my mind, then I just had to reverse engineer a story that would lead into that situation.

At some point during the jam I realized, actual adventure game style item using and combining was something that I didn't have the time/patience/skill for, so the final puzzle naturally transformed into just exposition in the outro dialogue.

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Yeah, I liked this a lot! Things I enjoyed:


- The visuals.

- Immediately solving the 'frog door' puzzle as soon as I realised where the samples were from.

- Having the sudden realisation that the music was a cover of The Wizard.

- The description of Gob Island on the sign.

- That skeleton animation at the end!

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Thanks, I always like to hear what details/moments stood out for the player - the tree door puzzle and the Wizard cover are also the highlights for me.

It was fun and interesting to deviate from the pixel art style this time. I would have liked to work on the art more but the game world has the atmosphere I was aiming for so I am happy with it.

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