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[DevLog] Babylon: I can't do it, Gilgamesh

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You have been tasked by Gilgamesh to defend one Babylonian city from invading forces. The game will be a 2D tower defense-ish game, where you as a player can build things as well as attack things yourself. Enemies spawn on one side of a square map, you have to prevent them from destroying your wall on the opposite side. Things you can do:

  • Shooting arrows from your bow
  • Looting gold from fallen enemies
  • Building/buying walls to force enemies to take a longer path
  • Building/buying walls with some defenses mounted on them (archers, polybolos or hwachas or something)

We will go for a low resolution pixely art style. 

The Team

Me: I am a software developer with 5 years of C# experience. I have made one game before, together with VagueBagel, for WizJam4.

VagueBagel: A software developer with several years of experience in C++, C#, and many more. We're both fairly new to game development.


  • I am busy one of the weekends so I only get this weekend, and the final weekend to work on this.
  • We don't know how to make any assets.


Want to help?

We would like help with the following. PM me if you want to help with something on the list  

  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • 2D art work

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