Idle Weekend December 11, 2016: The Mailbag Before Christmas

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On 12/16/2016 at 10:23 PM, TychoCelchuuu said:

Plenty of video games don't have fail states, like Animal Crossing, Proteus, Minecraft creative mode, etc.

This really got carried away. I did not realize what I had done. I should bump these to my email. I am sorry for missing tge whole convo.


i did not have any intention of disqualifying anything. Your answer is totally satisfying to me.


 I feel its important to establish the fail-state as a premise of discussion. The existence of fail-states exists on a spectrum, with Permadeath Far Cry 2 on one end, Animal Crossing on the other, and checkpointed games like Bioshock in the middle. Once we determine where a game exists on that spectrum, we can compare the nature of its fail-condition against other games.


This is a type of thinking I am teaching to K-12 students. 

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