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  1. Episode 453: Black Hawk Down and Zulu

    I will say this in complete contrast to my previous post: I read the first book of the Malazan Book of the Fallen because of our good friend Dr. Bruce and I completely bounced off of it. I did finish the book but I decided against reading any more books in the series. Can't win them all I suppose.
  2. Episode 453: Black Hawk Down and Zulu

    Just chiming in to say that I really enjoyed the episode. Similarly as SamS, I could listen to Troy and Rob discuss anything. I would also like to throw out (as someone else said too) that a discussion on books would be phenomenal. There could almost be a book club type cast out there. Rob at one point on Idle Weekend discussed the book Six Frigates and I picked it up and was totally blown away with how awesome it was (maybe it was 3MA come to think of it...). Troy is always discussing great books or book suggestions as well -- I see a lot on his Twitter anyway! Also, speaking of, can we get a list of those books and other films talked about in the show notes? Thanks all -- continue to love this podcast!
  3. I gotta say I also really enjoyed this one, too! I always love 3MA but I really enjoyed the pseudo-After Action Report (to take someone from above name for it) nature of this one. Interestingly, the discussion caused me to go back and forth as to whether or not I would actually want to purchase the game myself. It seems like this game should be a worker (hero) placement game, yet it is presented in the form of a war game. I kind of think that, having listened to this show, I'm "in the know" with respect to what to actually do if I played. That's probably an unfair advantage I would posses over another new player. Still, listening to you guys talk about the nuances of the game was really entertaining. And, to be fair, I rarely play board games at all so I likely would not have ever purchased the game to begin with.
  4. Episode 378: EUIV and Rights of Man

    This is an interesting point. Similar to the Space 4-X genre episodes 3MA has done in the past where they lament Alpha Centari, we could get an episode where a grizzled Rob, Rowan, and a Troy, who now looks like Cable from X-Men, talk about CK4's inability to bring back the feelings of CK2. Oh and BTW -- I have definitely fallen for EU4 at this point. It has taken up the lion's share of my gaming while over the holidays and time off from work. I've been playing, reading up on guides, and watching the youtube series, "Filthy [Robot] Learns EU4 With Arumba." There goes the next hundred hours of my gaming life. I've got half the DLC's in my cart from the Steam Sale right now consisting of Art of War (which I understand to be a must have), Common Sense (another near mandatory pack), and Wealth of Nations. I think I will forgo Rights of Man until a later date, though.
  5. I feel like in the interest of "transparency" Game of the Year lists need to have a "games I didn't play section." Like most people I'm assuming, I spent a lot of time in 2016 playing catch-up from 2015 and even 2014. I have barely scratched the surface on games that came out in 2016 except for Doom, Battlefield 1 (which I still haven't played the campaign at all), X-Com 2, Destiny Rise of Iron (which really doesn't count since I'd never played Destiny before and never even got to the new content). Then I happened to purchase Madden 2017 to play a league with friends, and somehow I bought The Division. I also got Civ 6 but have played maybe 5 hours in it total. Most of my time was playing strategy games from the last few years. Also, I really laughed when Danielle said in January they'd do a catch up show for 2016. Danielle's backlog for games, movies, shows, and books is so long we'd be waiting until January 2033 before she got caught up! At that point though we'll likely all be living in Metro 2033's world due to nuclear holocaust ... Oh and Rob -- Dang you! Why did you have to talk about Darkest Dungeon and Deserts of Karak! I don't need more games and now they're sitting in my "cart" on Steam, along with most of the DLC to Europa Universallis 4 (which is another game I blame on you and the 3MA crew).
  6. Episode 378: EUIV and Rights of Man

    Hey all! I really enjoyed this week's episode. Good job guest hosting as well, Sean! I love the Paradox games however I have barely played them or scratched the surface of what they offer (collectively around 40-50 hours). I love the idea of what they are able to do and simulate and the stories that come from the games themselves. The games are a mess to figure out but each time I pick up and try to play CK2 or EUIV I learn a little more and a little more. I recently started up trying EUIV again and I have enjoyed figuring out the game a little more than last time. The barrier to these games is so high though and it doesn't help with the constant flows of expansions. I, personally, have a hard time wanting to purchase the expansions when I feel like I've barely touched the vanilla base games. Does anyone else feel that way? Any thoughts on this problem I have? I partly feel like I wouldn't really appreciate the expansions if I don't have any idea what issue they actually address or mechanic they expand. I'm also happy that the Paradox style has started to creep into other games. For instance, I think much of the strategy layer of Total War: Attila and Charlemagne borrowed from CK2 and EUIV with respect to governor and other cabinet like positions. Also, I believe that Massive Chalice borrowed some from CK2 with the genealogy aspects. I apologize if I project some of this "Paradox Creep" incorrectly but that is something I thought. Anyway, I am really happy the Paradox games exist to allow for simulations of this sort. When Civ 5 first launched there was an ongoing debate about playing Civ as a board game, i.e. something to be won, versus playing Civ as a history simulator and fudging with the simulation; I believe that Paradox games gear towards the later. Nonetheless, thanks for the great show!
  7. Episode 371: 3MA After Dark

    Lovely episode! Really, really enjoyed it! Also, I just called my library and asked them to hold Gardends of The Moon for me -- so that will be fun. As for a meet up/gameathon I'm in the Midwest (St. Paul, MN) but I would be more than happy to travel to Chicago. But for Troy, MN is basically just southern Canada so there's that sales pitch for you. Then, per the last episode, I know Bruce has roots in Chicago/Illinois and I believe Rob is also another Midwest ex-pat. Again, awesome episode!
  8. The good doctor may have this one wrong unless the Austro-Prussian war involved steam punk Victorian era knights against werewolves that is! I recently purchased Destiny "The Collection" which includes the main game and all of the DLC, including Rise of Iron. Although I have yet to get to the Rise of Iron content, I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying the game. Is it a grind? Yes. Is the story super disjointed and fairly lame? Yes. Is the gunplay and gameplay mix buttery smooth and delightful? Yes. I am two years late and absolutely clueless about the game. When I told my friend I was playing Destiny, her response was, "people still play Destiny?" But I am really digging it. This is kind of what happened with me and Diablo 3 -- I picked it up years late (towards the later half of 2015 actually) but by the time I did all of the kinks for the most part had been worked out and the wrinkles had been ironed (pun?) out. Destiny feels the same; I can see why this game would drive people bonkers. I can see how early adopters and die hards were left frustrated. For now though, I am really enjoying my time with it as someone who is late to the party but who has oodles of content to digest.
  9. Episode 370: Dean Essig

    Very interesting and enlightening episode. I always love the perspective of folks who have been in the service or armed forces and have also been part of the game community for a long time. I went to law school in Chicago and I will always have a fondness for the land of Lincoln from my time there. I have had difficulty reconciling the juxtaposition of having worked in social service while there, predominantly on the south and west side of the city, and then the affluence of also being a graduate student later. It is strange city (Chicago) and state (Illinois) and one that causes immense amounts of cognitive dissonance.
  10. Episode 362: Alternate Histories

    I just finished "The Killer Angels" actually and I can confirm with the good Doctor that it is a great book to read, generally, but also is a good intro to Gettysburg. It depicts the events, albeit not completely, but also presents the various generals and officers in their colorful light.
  11. I had to I'm sorry but: "Idle Thumbs 649: Jeff "Castro" Goldbloom"
  12. Episode 359: Chess in 2016

    Just wanted to check in (pun? maybe...anyway!) and say that this was a really great episode. I think I have always been afraid of chess because I am awful at it. But it is really refreshing to see all of these resources out there that can help folks along and learn and advance. The history of the game is so intriguing in that it has been around for 1,000 years give or take. That's wild! Great job 3MA and it was wonderful to hear Michael out and about.
  13. Episode 356: Ashes of the Singularity

    That sounds like a lovely idea! Also, how does this game compare to Sins of a Solar Empire? Obviously, they are fairly completely different games. Space vs. Ground and RTS vs. Pseudo 4X -- but how does the control compare? I feel like the control of Sins often goes overlooked (as does the game itself possibly) but it really was well done. They both had a huge scale and, it seems, similar pacing. Is that where the similarities end? Just curious. Also, also, amazing episode! Great work -- and -- Mr. Hermes best of luck with sick kiddo!
  14. Episode 338: Legion Wargames

    Fantastic episode! Love all the Space Rumsfield we have been getting recently on the Idle Thumbs network. Gotta love my fellow Minnesotans getting some love on the show -- even a transplant to Wisconsin -- gotta love the midwest! Anyway, a lot of fun! I am a boardgame/wargame neophyte so I always love the Winter of Wargaming and this was an awesome way to kick it off. Quick question, and unrelated to this particular episode, but will there be a discussion this winter about War of the Ring? I know it had been mentioned previously and even on the previous episode thread, yet I am curious if there will be time enough this winter. Thanks for this podcast!