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[RELEASE] Baboo!

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@Ben X: I saw this on the Wizard Jam stream and have been meaning to try it myself since - really enjoyed it! Nicely structured, and the well-written descriptions and sound implementation make for a very novel and atmospheric text adventure experience. Great twist ending, too.

@Cheeseness: Congratulations on the engine! I'm intrigued to see more of this type of thing so I'll try out the Winter's Wake showcase soon too. I've been writing some IF stories in Twine recently, and would be interested to experiment with Icicle when it's ready later in the year.

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Thanks for the kind words, @Simon! If you do check out any of the other games that are using the Icicle engine that I've made (so far, Baboo! and The Good Doctor are the only ones I haven't made), I'd love to hear your thoughts.


I was disappointed to miss the stream, but it was great to watch the archive and see the response it elicited both from chat and from Chris, Jake and Nick :)

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