Idle Thumbs 240: Mikami's Iconic Hat

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I thought it was funny that Nick described as a game, because I'm planning on writing a paper next semester about the reverse: how a certain type of game is really good at recreating the feeling of archival research.

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I really like the discussion about these smaller "walking simulator" games like Dr. Langeskov. I feel like indie games lately have grown too fussy and concerned with high-fidelity (such as the Witness and Mushroom 11). I kind of like games that don't have a long development time, are half-baked and are just ready for download. The whole draw of indie is to be risky, kinda rough around the edges and avant garde. 

I don't like the framing of these kinds of games as somehow fighting for time from each other. There's plenty of rough and avant garde out there -- substantially more than there is of the highly polished stuff, primarily as a result of how much longer it takes to make something highly polished. I think that these styles both kind of coexist just fine?

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