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  1. I play a lot of strategy games on my mobile. I recently came across a game on Google Play that holds very high standard to a low price. And I only paid when I bought it and I got all content. No IAP. I can recommend it, it's a special game. It's probably out on iOS too. It is called: BattleRex: Genghis Khan There is a demo to try out too: First time I played it after I bought it I ended up playing for more then 3 hours. Unusal for me. It has this addicting gameplay, at least to me. Anyone else play strategy games on Android or iOS?
  2. Sports

    There is only one sport. Ice-hockey. Hehe.
  3. Stealing

    Candy Crush. The app. Stolen by a big company from a "little guy". Ok not everyone. But a lot of people steal/clone from each other.
  4. I am gonna upgrade one of my PC's soon from Windows 7. I suspect I will regret it.
  5. Rome II: Total War II: Rome: Total War

    Rome II shocked me. I skipped playing it. Seing the triremes plowing sands and camels and shit... I just pretended the game didn't exist. I wanna play it but I would probably still become shocked with the bugs if I bought it.
  6. Post your face!

    I posted my hands instead. <--- see avatar
  7. Stealing

    Seems like almost everyone is stealing in the game business. In one way or another. Greed.