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Found 2 results

  1. Apparently the aggression and physicality of hockey is frowned upon in my soccer social league... Yeah I was in a totally different mindset when I "cross-checked" a guy for the ball last night. I digress... I started playing LoL and DotA2 recently, and I've been playing a lot. Remember seeing L blocks everywhere after hours of Tetris? I was trying map out what soccer position would be the tank or ad carry. Is there ANY sense to this? Can we translate DPS and Support, Mage and Fighter, Sniper and Assault, etc. to various sports positions?
  2. Sports!

    Hello friends. I noted an absence of Olympics-related posted when they rolled around, and the NCAA tournament barely lasted a page even though it's possibly the second biggest American viewer sporting event of the year. Due to the diversity of the group and possible general non-sportsiness it may be futile to create a thread devoted to a single sports topic. But I like sports. All of them (except for that one). Here is a thread to talk about sports as a whole. If you like sports, like talking about sports, or just like talking, do those things here re: sports. Today is opening day for Major League Baseball. It's a pretty amazing day. Everyone still has hope, you can watch baseball for about 47 hours in a 24 hour period, and it's the unofficial true beginning of spring. At the same time, there are other Sports Things happening all around the world. Talk about them here!