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Found 2 results

  1. Apparently the aggression and physicality of hockey is frowned upon in my soccer social league... Yeah I was in a totally different mindset when I "cross-checked" a guy for the ball last night. I digress... I started playing LoL and DotA2 recently, and I've been playing a lot. Remember seeing L blocks everywhere after hours of Tetris? I was trying map out what soccer position would be the tank or ad carry. Is there ANY sense to this? Can we translate DPS and Support, Mage and Fighter, Sniper and Assault, etc. to various sports positions?
  2. Official Website | | Developer Blog | Steam Greenlight | twitter | Facebook Frozen Endzone (or "Frendzone" as it is unfortunately likely to be known) is a simultaneous turn based sports tactics game. It's robot football with randomly generated arenas and carefully planned plays. Picture NFL Blitz + X-COM. It will have full single player with skirmishes and season play, plus lots of mulitplayer modes. You'll be able to customize your team and potentially the stadiums you play in. It will have a kickass soundtrack by nervous_testpilot, the guy behind Frozen Synapse's amazing soundtrack. It's being made by Mode 7 Games, the studio behind Frozen Synapse. The game will come out in 2014 with a beta likely in 2013. It will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux. Frozen Synapse is in the process of coming to the iPad, the PS3, and the Vita, so for all we know, Frendzone will end up on some or all of those. Why is Frendzone on Greenlight? Isn't Frozen Synapse on Steam Already? Lots of reasons - the developers want feedback, they want to start building a community, and they want the validation of succeeding on Greenlight. I Have a Question that Isn't Answered Here Check out the official Frendzone FAQ Google doc for more information. Rock Paper Shotgun interview Iron Hammers interview PC Gamer interview