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  1. Getting into the industry?

    oh man, that is some gross stuff going on right there
  2. Getting into the industry?

    I think I should mention why I want to make games. I want to have a career that allows me to make friends and make things with them, I love meeting new people and being creative with them. You have no idea how jelly I am of the Thumbs crew. Being best buddies and being able to work on something they love. ugh. the best.
  3. Making a game? Pitch it here!

    There is an old GDC talk from John Blow about prototypes and in that he made a prototype for this exact concept. He explains the problems he ran into and why he ultimately gave up on the game.
  4. Making a game? Pitch it here!

    Hey guys, there has been talk about making games on here and you all seem really capable at making games! If you are like me you may have some cool ideas so why not share them and get some feedback? I will start by pitching the game I have been working on for the past 6 months (which I have like nothing done) So it is a single screen Adventure Game that takes place at a bus stop. The main goal is to explore the aspect of meeting new people and using your observation skills to get a sense of what kind of person they are and what matters to them. It is all about the dialogue and what the player gets from it. I would love to hear your feed back. and lets hear what ideas you have for a game!
  5. subtlety in dialogue?

    Binary Domain is a great game, the story has its moment. I found the ending to be so campy that it ruined a lot of the experience for me. I haven't played The Stanley Parable yet, but does anyone know what the dialogue in that game is like? it may be the least subtle or the most from the demo I played.
  6. Getting into the industry?

    I think the main thing is the whole luck is really just preparation meets opportunity. The last tone control had some good stuff in it about keeping positive about your work.
  7. subtlety in dialogue?

    AC4 had some great dialogue and might be the only AC worth anything really. I need to replay Enslaved, one of the most life changing experiences I have had.
  8. subtlety in dialogue?

    That may be the wrong word then, I will check out the video though.
  9. Getting into the industry?

    This. Please
  10. subtlety in dialogue?

    Want an example of bad dialogue? Play Spec Ops: The Line. The game did a few interesting things but mostly came of pretentious
  11. Getting into the industry?

    I think the key is to look at why you love games and how much of your life they occupy, for instance I spend about 70% of my life thinking, consuming and reading about games. I find it fascinating and I love the art of it. but to the point of it ruining relationships I am a pretty introverted person and I prefer to be occupied by my work. Crunch sounds hard but to me it sounds interesting, I want to be apart of something that makes people happy.
  12. subtlety in dialogue?

    The big problem with dialogue in games is they don't represent the player in any tangible way, sometimes they try with branching conversations but rarely do they do anything tangible with the choices.
  13. If anyone wants to me on steam I play pretty regularly
  14. Good Hangover Breakfast?

    aw you guys are silly
  15. subtlety in dialogue?

    Can we all agree the Binary Domain is the pinnacle of game writing?