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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. Get It Here Fellow Readers and Jammers: We are on our way to creating the next exciting entry in the qwop-a-lunk-a-like genre. You control a human, who is controlling their own thumbs, which are controlling Santa, in the form of a mobile game. Santa must navigate chimneys whilst continuously eating cookies to sustain his own impossibly rapid metabolism lest he perish. Please to enjoy this artist's rendition of the primary game screen in action*. *Actions and screens may or may not contain placeholder assets borrowed from a team of diverse websites.
  2. Divinity: Original Sin

    So, this game's out now, and despite the not great name, it seems pretty cool. I hadn't followed the kickstarter, but after reading some impressions of it and hearing it favorably compared to old cRPGs, I decided to check it out. So far it seems reasonably well written, nicely open-ended, and full of insane side content (I helped a talking clam find his way back into the ocean, investigated a set of evil talking statues, and helped a group of unemployed pirates find work). I'm a bit worried that the game's difficulty will destroy me later on, and that I'll build my characters in a way that is stupid and totally wreck their viability in the later game, but for now, it seems pretty fun. Is anyone else playing it? Thoughts?