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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. DOOM

    DOOM 2016 has released to what feels like a lack of fanfare due to a subpar multiplayer beta. No reviews are in, but first impressions seem largely positive about the direction the game takes. I'm being swept away in nostalgia and Doomguy. Talk about your DOOM here.
  2. The latest episode featuring JP LeBreton interviewing John Romero playing DooM is just fascinating: Has anyone else watched these?
  3. Zandronum

    Hi, so Doom is brilliant single player, we all know that. But, I could sure go for some co-op or deathmatch action if anybody is up for that? I've been playing Brutal Doom a lot and I think I'd prefer to go with that, but vanilla style is good too and might prove to be less of a hassle. Anybody want to get knee-deep in the dead with me?