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  1. Nintendo 3DS

    So I ended up buying Links Awakening and I'm quite impressed. First of all I really like the fact that it's not based in Hyrule and the gameplay is pretty tight so far. I've spoken to the owl a couple of times and have gotten to the entrance of what looks like the first dungeon in the forest. Thanks for the recommendation Miffy :tup: I also got OoT3D so I've now got 2 Zelda games which I've never really played before to go through, good times Also, how's Nintendo's online infrastructure this time? from the looks of it do I only need to supply 1 friend code now? AND I can see who's currently online!? I think that's a first for Nintendo lol. Well here's my Friend Code if anyone wants it 1289-8325-5420 I had a quick look in case there was a 3DS friends list thread in the Multiplayer section, but there's only a DS one from about 2/3 years ago...
  2. Embarrassing Awkward Nerd Confessions

    behold part of my weird obsessions with Manga & Mushroom Kingdom stuff!! Missing is a ridiculous amount of Warhammer 40K figurines which are in their Games Workshop brand suitcases and a bunch of Nintendo Soft toys... The sackboy was a handcrafted birthday gift a couple of years ago. The Mario hat was aswell, which was used for my Stag do(I went dressed as Super Mario... *ahem*) and the Anime Painting was a gift by a friend to me for Christmas(he's awesome)
  3. Nintendo 3DS

    Cheers for the replies guys! I'll see what I get tomorrow from my family and take it from there Ridge Racer does sound like it's right up my alley, seeing as I'm quite a big fan of Burnout Paradise which is a very arcadey type racer. A bit worried about the Ghost Recon problems though Also, regarding Zelda, I've only ever played about 2 hours of OoT on N64 as I used to play it at my friends house, and I've never played Links Awakening I did watch the links Awakening Video on the 3DS and it did seem slightly different to regular 2D Zeldas(in a good way). I might grab it me thinks.
  4. Nintendo 3DS

    So my wife is awesome and surprised me with a 3DS for my birthday (it's tomorrow) over the weekend when we flew to London for the Hard Rock Calling festival. I kind of had a feeling I would be getting one but was expecting it on my birthday which is probably why she gave it to me earlier (sneaky woman!). Anyways, I'm enjoying it so far but I've only got SSF4, any recommendations? I'm considering getting Ghost Recon: Shadow wars and Pilot Wings but am definitely open to other suggestions. Also I had a look at the shop and was surprised at the price point for the Gameboy games, £5.40 for Links awakening!! Crikey, is it worth it though?
  5. So I I'm pretty sure I started playing the second game before the first :-S, I got a massive recap at the beginning. Just to make sure though, time, gentlemen please is the second game right? I really like the humor so far so props to that
  6. Life

    So the past couple of weeks have been busy and stressful for me. I recently applied for a government job and actually told my manager at my current job that I was doing this as well. I'm not normally one to "rock the boat" but the stability, hours and salary are much better than my current job so I had to build up my courage to tell my manager what I was doing and asked him for a reference letter as well in the process. On a more light-hearted note I recently blew my 9 year old nephew's mind on the weekend when I explained to him that Birdo is/was in fact a man(I believe they recently changed it, but I can't unsee it!)... He couldn't comprehend how, seeing as in mario slam basketball(I think) Birdo is on the girls team and the fact that Birdo has a ring and a bow on it's head. I just couldn't stop laughing and he couldn't stop talking about it along the entire drive home.
  7. so I have like very little money in my account but 1 Euro is too hard to resist can't wait to try it out later
  8. Burnout Paradise

    hahaha what's worst is I didn't even consider that lol I'll add you properly now I'll add you too speedy.
  9. Burnout Paradise

    Yep the hovering DeLorean is awesome , I think that other car is like the one from Dukes of Hazard or some show like that(not too sure myself). The game has quite interesting DLC, also, if you get Big Surf Island you can unlock the toy DeLorean that hovers which is just freaking awesome and adorable I was between buying those cars or the toy ones but succumbed to their cuteness and bought the toy cars. on a side note I tried adding you on PSN but it said that it didn't exist not sure what that was about. I wrote it like this "Tanukitusne".
  10. Burnout Paradise

    If I remember correctly strength is essentially how easily you lose control when taking hits from other racers or how easily other racers can take you down and how quickly you get grinded against walls and stuff. Basically your strength is determining how long you have before you crash out as well as the power you have over other drivers. Also some vehicles you get from burning routes are a lot better than the standard one you're racing, others seem more like a palette swap :| I'll add you in a bit, although I'm not too interested in the racing more the co-op stuff which is really fun
  11. Burnout Paradise

    It's generally not very difficult until you get to the later licences, I think the Burnout Licence is when it get's slightly more intense but it's never overly difficult to beat. What I really love about the game is the exploration and Multiplayer, there's just so much to do in the game other than racing, stunts and road rage that its incredible. The free burn challenges for the multiplayer mode really just turn this game into a platforming game with time trails in between, having you reach spots in the map that you'd probably never even see if not for the free burn challenges as well as pulling off crazy stunts. Burnout Paradise is probably one of my favourite games ever, in case you didn't notice , it's easily one of the games I've played the most this generation given the more limited time I've had to play games these past 3-4 years. If you ever want to play some Multiplayer feel free to add my PSN ID it's llani_keibo
  12. King Arthur's Gold

    Awesome post Murdoc! Unfortunately all I managed to do after I installed it was create a new game and run around for a while as a peasant, I then proceeded to jump into a chasm and couldn't get out unless I mined out, I then found the button to kill myself, spawned as an archer shot some arrows, then thought "what the hell am I doing" and switched it off. It's clearly a lot more fun to play with people as opposed to try and make my own "fun" as it seems to have an objective. I'll definitely give it a proper go with other people this weekend
  13. King Arthur's Gold

    I'm installing it now. Although I find it disheartening that its asking me to repair my visual studio 2008 re-distributable thingy. Hopefully wont need to re-install vs2008 when I get back to coding against it.
  14. Dawn of War 2

    well that sucks
  15. Dawn of War 2

    how the heck did that happen??
  16. Dawn of War 2

    No worries, it's quite short notice really. I've got DoW & Chaos Rising by the way.
  17. Dawn of War 2

    So is anyone up for some DoW fun later on today? I'll be available in about 4 hours or so if anyone's interested (Specific I know, but the wife's going out tonight so that's pretty much when I'll be on ) I just played my first couple of last stand games last night and found it hilariously awesome and would love to play some more matches with some thumbs
  18. PSN Hack

    nice gif . It's still down for me, I did that update that they asked but haven't got a password reset thing, so I guess the network restore hasn't been rolled out to Gibraltar, or possibly Spain for that matter, oh well, I've been playing Darksiders and Batman in the meantime and they're both awesome!
  19. BRINK

    Yes but it sure as hell re-ignited my interest in the game :tup: That just sounds pretty much what I expected the game to be in the first place.
  20. Recently completed video games

    Speaking of Episode 2, and 1 as a matter of fact; I recently decided that I should get round to actually playing those games, which I've had since I bought the orange box a couple of years back... I'm a bad person. I really enjoyed the two of them, I felt that they had more story to tell within the time it takes to complete the episodes as opposed to the half-life 2 story which at some points I'd actually forget why I was doing what I was doing, case-in-point for me was the driving in the boat section, that section seemed to go on forever, it even gave me motion sickness for some reason :S. The ending to episode 2 was really great, I can now see why so many people are impatiently waiting episode 3 I also agree about the whole underground part being boring, the best part being Bring on Episode 3
  21. Dawn of War 2

    So I've bought Dawn of War 2 and Chaos Rising for £10 from last Sunday, that's just 5 quid a game and it just so happens I've received it in the post today I'd definitely be up for some multiplayer, also as a plus, I'm off work next week so I can dedicate it some decent gaming time
  22. GIRP, from the creator of QWOP

    I really want to try it but it seems like there's a massive influx of people hitting the web site or something, slowing it down loads Edit: Can't seem to access the site properly through chrome, Internet explorer gets to the page but it loads with errors
  23. Left 4 Thumbs - The Homethumbing

    well I've just seen the event pop up on steam and would love to join you guys, but unfortunately it's a bit short notice for me today. Would definitely be up for this next Sunday though; that way I can make arrangements to make sure I'm available
  24. Recently completed video games

    Just finished dead space: extraction on Wii. I've had it sitting there since Mid-July and I really wanted to finish it before moving on to Dead space 2. Unfortunately when I bought it I ended up buying loads more games during the next couple of months and it just shifted down the stack of games to play... I really enjoyed it, I felt that the story was quite good and it really picked up the pace near the end, which is probably the only time I actually felt tense during it as well. I'm actually thinking of getting the films as well as the story set out in Dead Space 1 and extraction(and the comic side story) was really interesting and has left me itching for more . I'm also liking the fact that you play as one of the Extraction people that survives in the DLC for dead space 2
  25. awesome!! woke up an hour ago and just saw this gonna download it now and listen to it this afternoon