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  1. [WIP] [Released] Robot's Lips

    fixed some stuff, the render texture wasn't working for some reason but now it's ok. I still need to add more levels (only 2 tutorials now), change some assets and add sound and music. It's playable if you guys wanna try it.
  2. [WIP] [Released] Robot's Lips

    Thanks for the help guys! I posted a super broken build of the game, please do not try to play it, i'll update it in the following days, my eyes are bleeding.
  3. [WIP] [Released] Robot's Lips

    Guys i think i can't meet the deadline, i'll try to end it by tomorrow. Is this cheating? I'll post some progress later.
  4. [RELEASE] Mr. Puffin in The Dark Castle

    this is crazy, i always wondered how mignola's art could be made in 3D and this looks just like it! Bravo!
  5. [WIP] [Released] Robot's Lips

    Hello again! So i got a good look look at infinifactory and decided to treat the Head part and the Lips part of the robot as blocks to make things easier to read when playing. So the head and lips had to be quite big and with similar dimensions, so i went with a big jaw like the iron giant robot. With that i dropped the LoverBots idea and i'll be going for a more "destroy all humans" kind of robot. Other thing related to infinifactory is that in that game the blocks can push each other, and this is a big part of the puzzle solutions, to make this game feel different in robot's lips the blocks will get stuck if they hit a stationary block. I'm posting a gif showing a sensor calling stored functions when detecting a moving object.
  6. [WIP] [Released] Robot's Lips

    Thanks! I'm posting a gif of my progress so far, i implemented some of the fake programming stuff already, and it is actually looking pretty cool. I'm super excited with this project , a million ideas popping, i'll try to post more often! About the gif, it shows how you can call functions on an especific machine or call functions in other machines passing arguments (delay time).
  7. Hi folks! In Robot's Lips you will be in charge of designing and programming the most important part of the LoverBots Assembly line: the Lips Installer! The gameplay will be a mix of Quadrilateral Cowboy and Infinifactory. I'll be using Unity and Blender, if someone wants to tag along for sound and music you are welcome. I'll try to post some progress as i go, wish me Luck!