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  1. Goty.cx 2011

    I would have to give my personal Goty.cx to Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, while pretty broken on release Tripwire has done a great job fixing most of the problems and the game is currently in a very playable state. While some may argue that the community for RO2 is dead I think it is currently one of the best online gaming communities around, the amount of communication and teamwork that will arise on the few public servers that still have regular players on them is astounding. And teamwork in online games isn’t something that happens very often but I feel that the small community supports it well because these are people you will be playing with for the foreseeable future, you don’t want to grief. I would also give a mention to TrackMania 2 which has a very similar problem of a “dead” community, in reality it is a community of people who care about their game. And what a game it is, the driving mechanics are some of the best I have played in a game and the never ending stream of tracks provides a very addictive meta-game of playing until the end to see the next track; repeat for 4 hours.
  2. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of BANGyou'redead

    Oh man do I love Red Orchestra. I would say RO2 is better then the first, or at least will be when it runs above 30 frames on my PC. The first stage of the DDE beta ran the best for me, which means that there patching has in fact decreased how much I enjoy it. I heard if you turn off the Steam Community it runs better and I haven't played it since the first patch after launch so hopefully that will fix some lag problems. Also, the best way to tell friendly vs. enemies is to look at their running animation. Germans run with their gun held in one hand at their side, Soviets hold their gun with both hands and swing it in front of them. And make sure to lead your targets! Finally, the cover system is kinda the worst and just maneuvering your guy around, like in RO1, is probably a better idea in most situations.
  3. Rock of Ages

    I think this might just be my favorite game this year so far. I love everything about, especially the overly detailed rock. It is the prettiest rock. However the online seems to be non-existent! I am looking for some thumbs who want to play some rounds of war, this seems like it would be a great multi-player game. Just add me through my steam profile linked below.
  4. Color me interested. (Teal is the color of interest) Hope it makes fun of FPS tropes.
  5. Deus Ex 3

    On my non-lethal play through I was able to take him down in one go, relativity easy due to being invisible and having a number of grenades. The second and third bosses where damn near impossible and I only really beat the third boss because I carried a turret to the room he was in and it got him stuck in an infinite animation loop while he was being hurt. This was of course after 45 minutes of dying due to
  6. This is a good thing and you should do more.
  7. Deus Ex 3

    I have been playing a mostly non-lethal sneaky guy as well, however I do kill a few people here and there. Mostly death by fridge on skull collision, those goddamn fridges... Anywhos, I got to second boss fight and could not for the love of me beat it. It was the most unfair thing unless you spec'd in the direction of super battle-hardened soldier man, which as a weak little man who is used to hiding in shadows was the stupidest thing.
  8. Deus Ex 3

    So I apparently put ten hours into Deus Ex 3 over the past two days, it felt like none! Having never played Deus Ex I am really enjoying 3 and wish more games had the open, but crafted environment and the stealth mechanics featured prominently in this video game. Also, I was thinking about pre-ordering Skyrim from Gamestop because it is a Steamworks game and it *maybe?/hopefully* comes with a nice world map like Oblivion did. However all I can say now is fuck you Gamestop, fuck you.
  9. Deus Ex 3

    Isn't it cool how you get a free game with all these Team Fortress 2 weapons?!
  10. The Witcher 2

    CD Projekt defiantly streamlined some stuff from TW1 but not a whole lot. Crafting and potion making are similar to TW1 but you can meditate anywhere, not just a campfire. You still need to read books and prepare before you fight monsters and the combat is more complex(and better, in my opinion). If you liked the setting of TW1, which seemed to be its main draw, you will find a lot to love in TW2 but expect lots of politics. I would recommend trying it, but try to finish TW1 first.
  11. Life

    So four days ago I got back from Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, in which I partook in a 12 day hiking extravaganza. It was a lot of fun and I probably did some of the stupidest things in my life, like doing a handstand 9,000 feet in the air on a craggily rock formation and unknowingly eating cow stomach. Hopefully I will get a hold of a picture of one of those two event (hint: the first one), so I don't sound like I am lying out of my ass. But I also did some cool things like climb two mountains, The Tooth of Time(9,003 feet, handstand achieved) and Mt. Baldy(12,441 feet, to tired for handstand). Black-powder shooting, rock climbing, almost getting eaten by a bear, almost getting charged by a deer, running out of water and suffering dehydration but still hiking on like an idiot. Ahhhh good times.
  12. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I bought Assassins Creed Brotherhood and am not sure if I like it or not. I liked AC2 and even AC1 to an extent. The game play in AC2: The Brotherhood is great, I like buying shops and shooting guys with crossbows but after 13 hours I have gotten bored of that. At least there is the great story to string me along... oh wait the story is absolute garbage, I despise the future animus stuff, and the story of Ezio really took a drop in quality. I didn't seem to mind the story in 2(up until the end) and enjoyed it in 1(up until the end, again) but Brotherhood is just downright stupid. I felt like an absolute idiot when lady riding on a horse said "Viva Assassino" or when the asshole British guy is being an asshole British guy, its so childish. I guess I am just a e-hipster or something. So I wish I spent by $20 elsewhere but at least I know I wont be getting Revelations so that's money saved, somehow.
  13. What is the Mystery of Scoggins?

    You playing it through Steam right Thompson? If so I would recommend running "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" under Properties, it sounds like you might not have downloaded all the files through the Steam servers, which would make sense because they are getting hit pretty hard right now with the sales.
  14. What is the Mystery of Scoggins?

    So I finished up Puzzle Agent 2 last night and can confirm it is a great game. I do however prefer the original due to the story and I love the ending of the original, if you didn't like the fairly abrupt ending of the first then you will probably like the second one a whole lot more in terms of story. On the flip-side the puzzles are a whole lot better in PA2 which makes it a more enjoyable to play through. On that note here are some of my thoughts: WARNING SPOILERS LAY AHEAD I know this sounds like a lot of negativity but it is me mostly just nitpicking and on the whole I loved Puzzle Agent 2 and plan to replay it sometime in the future (probably in the winter). The boys (and girls) at Telltale should be proud.
  15. Back to the Future

    Hey I just picked this up thanks to the Steam sale and blasted through them, they're great! Of course you need to be a Back to the Future fan to really get much enjoyment but it had all the things that makes BttF great. I wasn't much of a fan of the very end however, probably because I never liked the setting in BttF to begin with, and it felt to cheesy (I loved Doc's however, completely justified Doc being in the 30s). Also, it had the "To be continued" at the end and if Telltale makes another set of episodes I will buy 5 copies.
  16. Proun: more like... I've got nothing

    So I bought this today and I will be damned if it isn't one of the classiest games I have ever played. The combination of abstract art and saxophone music creates a feeling like no other in video games. Also the game play is pretty good, you roll around, like balls do.
  17. Sooooooooooo... What do you guys think about that Battlefield 3? I think it looks pretty sweet. Also, it's got some brown and bloom but that's fine... I guess.
  18. V The Elder Scrolls

    So the little I played of Oblivion was the Dark Brotherhood bits and running around needlessly killing people and stealing stuff. The thought of ruining a town's economy by one small act of burning down a shop does sound exciting. Is that wrong?
  19. Far Cry 3

    As long as it has a solid bolt action gun and wild zebras that run in front of your assassination target at the last possible second. If so I am mildly excited, although I bet only one of those two things are true. Also did anyone else notice sounds pulled straight from FC2? I assume they are probably placeholder but it was really weird to hear those gun/machete noises in a totally new environment.
  20. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I am running Vista and whenever I just launch the Disk in vanilla windows I get this error. Unfortunately changing compatibility only results in the same error. When I picked it up I figured it wouldn't work without a fight and I am actually surprised that I got to the point of playability, but I think GOG will be getting some money soon. Which I really don't mind because it is a nice box.
  21. General Video Game Deals Thread

    From what I have read on the internet there are two versions of The Last Express. The 97 Broderbund version and the 2000 Interplay re-release version. The latter of which I can not comment on compatibility but the 97' copy wont install regularly but is relatively easy to install through DOS (I just am a fool and forgot to tell DOSBox that my D drive is my disk drive, leading to the game not recognizing any disk inserted). Now that I am able to launch it I am having some minor sound stuttering but the game is certainly playable, if dated. I do think messing around with DOSBox settings will figure it out.
  22. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Yeah it was basically a purchase for the box, I knew it would be a hassle to get it to run and I figured I might just also get it off GOG when I got my physical copy. I did however get it running last night with only some minor sound issues.
  23. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Everyone should go check out a Half-Priced Books if you have one in the area. This weekend they are doing a 20% off sale and, at least the store near me, they have a HUGE selection of PC games. I was able to get The Last Express new for 16 bucks. Now I just gotta figure out how to get it running.
  24. Space Marine

    Did you enjoy Battalion Wars? I loved the first two Advanced Wars and could not get past some lame jeep driving section in Battalion Wars because it was so squirmy.
  25. Space Marine

    It seems to me that Space Marine is going to be a game that will be pretty good, but it wont be curb-stomp your mother good. However it is also a game that I feel should be made and I am glad it is being made. So Relic, keep being awesome.