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  1. exactly right. The wait for this game is beginning to get hard, now. I'm wasting away hours in Rocket League just trying not to think about eventually playing FireWatch With Me. EDIT EDIT: HOLY SHIT THAT'S MY LET'S PLAY SERIES NAME ALL OF YOU GTFO I CAME UP WITH IT FIRST.
  2. wrong thread

    I still haven't changed mine from Christmas god knows how long ago.
  3. wrong thread

    This is my favourite post so far.
  4. Making Mr. Remo Uncomfortable

    Tbh the existence of this thread makes me feel a little uncomfortable.
  5. wrong thread

    Guys, wtf? EDIT: Sorry, wrong thread.
  6. Life

    GOOD CHOICE. Need any SE Asia ideas? Hit me up!
  7. Plug your shit

    SO I recorded the entirety of A Christmas Carol and posted it on Soundcloud. It is by no means perfect, but if you don't want to read the damned thing (and still want to know the original story) then you can check it here.
  8. I think it seems to be borne out of this whole 'The customer is always right' mentality, which is just ridiculous.
  9. This forum is weird (Look a new topic!)

    I've heard that he will return when the people need him most.
  10. Did she say it was Wreden? I just read of some "off-the-record" comments which could be a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-heard-that, and could also be Wreden screwing w her, or simple misinterpretation.
  11. I just don't think it makes sense for it to be Cole. He's a minor character in the original series, the effect is meant to make it look creepy and mysterious imo, and it just makes more sense to be a villain rather than Cole.
  12. This forum is weird (Look a new topic!)

    Y'all will never guess my previous username on this forum.
  13. I disagree entirely with her. I took The Beginner's Guide at face value, completely in its own context, and never once did it cross my mind that this work of fiction was true. It *is* a stupid thing to believe in my mind. And, as clyde says, you'd THINK that 'Coda' would get in touch and be like NO SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE FUCK.
  14. I actually thought pretty instantly (and certainly) that it was Ray Wise, or a greyed Kyle MachLachlan.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Insider scoop: that guy was a dick. good riddance to bad rubbish
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'm glad you've said this, because all the buzz around it suggests it's amazing, but it looks super dumb. Now I don't have to see it, thanks!
  17. Movie/TV recommendations

    FUCKING CHRIST YES. Also, Olivia in Twelfth Night and EVERYTHING ELSE.
  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    I laughed out loud at this. Like, hard. Yes, Mark Rylance is a phenomenal actor. In a recent Graham Norton show, even Tom Hanks kept singing his praises. COME ON GUYS.
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    I disagree with the indictment on Daredevil's character, but I agree that Kingpin was the main draw for that show - as, I think, is David Tennant's Kilgrave in this. Once he actually becomes a focus, he is brilliant.
  20. I will be in town again for GDC and would happily help make this a reality if you need extra hands.
  21. Other podcasts

    Totally agree about the MaxFun ads sucking. The MBMBAM ads suck in the flop house, and the reverse is true in MBMBAM. It's strange how bad they are, really. Also, I think Jordan Jesse Go weren't that funny when they did MBMBAM...
  22. Other podcasts

    I do like TAZ, but didn't much care for the race arc. That said, the flop house episode was INCREDIBLE and my favourite and actually made me listen to the flop house!
  23. Buying a New PC

    Oh hey there you! Thanks for clicking and possibly helping me out. You're special, you know that? I know we had a thread similar to this recently, but I can't find it for the life of me, and I'm kinda curious about it now. So I've been on a Thumbs-kick lately, and when I was playing Darkspore yesterday/chatting with one of the RPS freelancers, I suddenly realised how much more kickass the PC is for video games. Could anyone give hints/tips as to where to buy a good rig, price range etc? I don't want the best of the best of the best, but something that is a good quality rig, and can play most things at a good level would be nice.
  24. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    You're forgetting the people who will never play video games.