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  1. I feel like if you're asking this, the answer is probably no. The main draws for the Wii U are games you're almost certainly aware of: Mario Kart, Smash Bros, lots of high profile platformers (Mario (especially 3d world), Donkey Kong, Rayman, etc). Those are what you'd be "getting out of it", really, and while those games are excellent (no joke, surprisingly excellent) if that's not your thing the Wii is not going to be your thing. There's also the Bayonetta games (which would certainly be for you and not your daughter), but that's just two games.
  2. Majoras Mask is my favorite Nintendo game, maybe my favorite console (non-PC) game. Excited to maybe hear more about it on Thumbs, maybe. For what it's worth, my favorite video game of any sort is Grim Fandango. And (and I'm starting to feel self conscious about how often I bring this up) February 13 is my birthday. So I like to think Nintendo and Double Fine are showing up with birthday presents this upcoming month that I have to pay for.
  3. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    I understand how Blizzard can get away with that (they release games infrequently and continue to update them for years), but how on earth does Call of Duty manage when there's a new one every year?
  4. Nintendo 3DS

    I was not planning on getting a New 3DS. Then the Majoras Mask 3DS was announced, and suddenly I was on the fence. Then I found out how quickly the goddamn thing sold out (15 minutes according to Kotaku and Forbes) and all of a sudden I wanted one really badly. Best Buy just started selling them and I picked one up as soon as I knew. I feel victorious and satisfied... but also really gross for how quickly I was just hypnotized by little more than strategic marketing. I've never went from not desiring an item (in that price range) to buying it so quickly before, and it's kinda icky. It didn't help that the release date is my birthday. But! Soon I'm gonna have that sweet-ass 3DS! That aint bad.
  5. Nintendo 3DS

    So, much like the limited edition Majoras Mask 3DS software, the limited edition Majoras Mask hardware was only available for a few hours after being announced. Basically only career-scalpers actually got their hands on one. (and by "got their hands on one" I of course mean "pre-ordered in time to get their hands on one once Feb 13 rolls around")
  6. Nintendo 3DS

    ...which is not to say that you're incorrect.
  7. I'd guess it has more to do with money people (Sony) wanting the focus to stay on their hardware as long as possible.
  8. Nintendo 3DS

    I'm a sucker for all kinds of shit with Majoras Mask on it. I was not planing on getting a new 3ds, but now I'm considering it. No AC charger is weird, but I have an AC charger so it barely affects me. I'm very simple and easy to manipulate, as a consumer. On the other hand, my current 3DS is only slightly more than a year old. And I put a limited edition B-Side Label sticker on it. So maybe I should curb my childish fanboy instincts.
  9. Correction: if you're in the U.S. and you jumped on pre-orders in the tiny window of time between when they were announced and when all the ebay scalpers got to them, then you can get the Limited Edition with the figurine. This window was less than 24 hours.
  10. Invisible Inc.

    I just bought this after stumbling upon a vid of Tom Francis doing a brief Lets Play. Considering the age of this thread (and the thread before it) it feels like I'm late to the party... and yet the game is still in "early access" so maybe there isn't a party to be early or late to. The game is rad. It's very successfully the kind of thing that feels obvious and like something someone would've explored many times before, and yet it's fairly unique as far as I'm aware. What an exiting and fortunate space for a game to be in. I've made a couple annoying mis-steps (not fully understanding the consequences of certain moves, accidentally selling unique items and realizing there's no undo or buy-back) but these aside, I have no complaints. It's the game I start to think about as the end of the day approaches. I haven't played it a ton, though, so I don't have a sense for how much stuff there is to play with down the road. My long term interest in this game probably depends on the amount and variety of stuff (items, moves, enemy types, etc). Hopefully there's a lot, or they'll keep adding more. Also, I'm not sure but I assume the tileset I'm seeing is the only one in the game. If so, that's a bit of a bummer. I'm not tired of it yet, but entering a new kind of area with different aesthetics is one of the big joys of contemporary rogue-derivative games.
  11. Was Sean's "d-d-d-d-doot" at the end a bit of Darude - Sandstorm? You know what, nobody needs to answer that.
  12. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    Fair enough, but clearly you understood my gist.
  13. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    Yes, yes, I agree with all this. And movies from Phantom Menace's era particularly suffered from the Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon-ification of fight choreography. I'm just saying that I can actually stomach to watch the Darth Maul fight scene, which by default makes it the best part of the movie. EDIT: Also, the more I think about it, I actually don't mind and often enjoy overly flashy fight-dancing. Depending on the movie. But the best Star Wars lightsaber fight remains the father-son duel in the freezing chamber of cloud city and the only flashy thing about that scene was the lighting and cinematography, so still, I agree.
  14. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    I agree with everything you just said, but the funny thing is that the Darth Maul fight scene is the only part of that movie that I find at all watchable.
  15. Designer Notes 2: Rob Pardo - Part 2

    Listening to this now, and I felt something very odd. A presence i've not felt since... ...yes. It's a powerful urge to play World of Warcraft. Everything Rob said about what's cool about those kinds of games rang so true even though I've made a very conscious decision not to involve myself with them ever again.
  16. Jokes? I thought it was jokes.
  17. Cartoons!

    Spoiler convo woo!
  18. Cartoons!

    I finally got off my ass and... sat down to watch Over The Garden Wall, which is now my fav TV of 2014. Literally the only thing that even remotely bothered me: Sorry I know everybody else watched this a month ago.
  19. Feminism

    Some of those "he"s DID refer to Dan Savage! Because pronouns are great and aren't confusing, and specificity in language is mostly for chumps. Also, sincerity is bad and the best form of communication is to say the opposite of what you mean and hope that people pick up on your sarcasm. The YouPorn thing baffles me. I understand it from YouPorn's perspective, sure, it's a brilliant marketing move. And I guess this is naturally what happens when nothing is set up to stop them. But... if one of your goals as an e-sport is to help legitimize and broadly popularize e-sports, I couldn't think of a more natural impediment. So much so that I kinda doubt this team (with those jerseys) is gonna last very long.
  20. Feminism

    Nice, incorrect gender assumption, and in the feminism thread too! That has to be bonus points.
  21. Feminism

    Kris Straub's take on the same joke, because it made me smile:
  22. Feminism

    Maybe "don't get the right" was a poor choice of words, since people have "the right" to say anything, about anything, pretty much any way they'd like. And if they're privileged enough, they may even get to exercise that right. But hopefully you knew what he meant, that a cis person really shouldn't say flippant things about gender identity, in that it's unlikely to be helpful and could easily be harmful. And that furthermore, since he's in the privileged position on this front, possible damage can only be done to the group he doesn't belong to. I've seen this semantic argument used a lot regarding race recently, especially with regards to what "white people are allowed to say/talk about". The intent is never really about rights and liberty of speech, but rather about what a white person can or can't say without risk of negative judgement. And yet the reaction from the priviledged tends to be in the form of "Wait, are you saying I get no say?! I have a voice too!". Well duh. EDIT: whoops, Gormongous beat me to this and said it more succinctly.
  23. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    Yyyep. This also describes me.
  24. Nobody expects the Dragon Age Inquisition

    Sorry to briefly hijack with a general Dragon Age series question: Despite enjoying it the first time around, I never finished DA:O. With Inquisition getting all this buzz, I decided to go back and finish that game (I'm having fun so far!). My question is, what other Dragon Age games/content are/is worth playing? Was Awakenings good? Everything I hear about DA2 is bad, is it safe to just skip it without a thought? Are there other games that I'm not aware of?