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  1. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    My first thought of that guy was Wei Shen from Sleeping dogs, but after doing a side by side, he's really different. Just giving me the Wei Shen vibe though. Looks cool for a character I'll never see.
  2. The Ethics of Battlefield: Hardline

    I have no doubt the game features will all be there and the options for "tactics" and destruction; but anyone who has played a shooter online would be kidding themselves to think that's how it's going to end up being played by the public. Even by several limiting movement speed to make it more methodical, you're still going to get more "gamey-ness" in a real game than what was staged/roleplayed/whatever there. Edit: Actually I am speculating on the outcome of a game that is pre-alpha based on an E3 video. So yeah, I can't say for certain. But given a very staged demo vs. normal gameplay of every other shooter. It's just a gut feeling, but I can't say or judge until its out in the wild.
  3. The Ethics of Battlefield: Hardline

    Polygon interview tried to tackle this and it was really the wrong place and the wrong time, but a fair question. It would be interesting to see a game tackle these questions, but considering this is Battlefield and EA, I wouldn't be looking for anything more than surface level movie fantasy. This game isn't trying to model cops and robbers, but rather fullfill that cops and robbers film fantasy. In that sense, I agree with the guy on Polygon with his response, even as ineloquent as it was, approaching it from the stand point of "we want you to have fun in this over the top movie bank heist" doesn't seem inherently bad as long as the player approaches it with that in mind. And who wouldn't realize that after playing a game where for, 5 million dollars at stake, 200 robbers (Let's pretend that when you re-spawn you are a different person or we have to concede there resurrection also exists in this world) that kills 200 cops in LA (again, assuming that there is no resurrection). I mean it's ridiculous and who would take that seriously? Also this is a world where the cops, to stop the criminals, steal the money back from them. It's window dressing and clearly with not a lot of deep thought put into it for the sake of a fun game that has to match a certain criteria for it's namesake. Mostly agree with youmeyou, but that Rainbow SIx thing was such a staged farce, nearly the exact same footage could be taken from Hardline if we rehearsed it as well as Ubisoft did.
  4. Yeah, I'd like to start a real time game so I can stop paying attention to the turn based stuff. It's not my jam, I don't understand the appeal. Still neat to try out though, but I think it's also the combination of the AI players and the dark galaxy. Dark Galaxies are kind of novel, but I find my desire for politcking is decreased.
  5. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    Probably going to get a ton of shit about this, and the opinion of "more severed heads than women" is totally valid, but it's easy to make a deal out of anything when always looking at things through a lens. There were more white severed heads than there were other races. There were more severed heads than there were severed feet. Not once in Sony's conference was a transgender person up on stage. Why were the two people competing in a fitness game at Ubisoft completely, adequately in shape? So many questions, so few answers.
  6. Far Cry 4: A grenade rolls down everest

    I like the idea of a Kim Jong il type wanting to hang out with, I'm going to assume, some famous American. Considering this has wing suits and is in Nepal, maybe he's like a famous Snowboarder or Xtreme sports guy. So basically some crazy guy just takes you to have a party and psychotic good time fun doing all these crazy, awful things. Pretty much a hilarious dumb fun plot I can expect from the Farcry series now. I'm sure there was a movie that was like that kind of premise... Last King of Scotland or Lord of War comes to mind.
  7. Still not digging the turned based stuff, especially now that I've met another player. Maybe there's just something I'm not understanding but, I can't anticipate the other players moves like I could in real time, so it just like press a button and see what happens. Oops, I lost 4 stars.
  8. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    IRC, what happened to Steam Chat like the days of old? I don't even know if I remember how to use IRC anymore.
  9. Witchmarsh

    I loved the description, but then when I saw that being a "detective" was just killing things it sort of lost it for me. Cool theme though, but feel a little cheated by their description.
  10. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    Boy, I wished I liked this series, but the controls and combat never got me. Found it very obtuse, but this open world thing looks amazing.
  11. The threat of Watch Dogs

    It's kind of funny; I watched the quicklook of the game on Giant Bomb and they basically came up with 3-10 different instances of what would make the hacking interesting. So the mechanics were there, but the interesting ideas on how to use them weren't, at least from the video. Not surprising, I think everyone sort of expected an AC1 kind of situation. Which means I"m really excited for Watch Dogs 2 next year.(that isn't sarcasm)
  12. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    Sooo, there is pretty much nothing left to announce or predict for E3? Should be exciting then.
  13. I'm now 90% sure you're an embedded viral marketer. Perhaps like one of those Japanese soldiers from ww2 that were hiding out on islands and didn't know the war was over, you're here ready to pounce on all the hot Shadowrun FPS talk. But man, I can't imagine anyone talking or playing this game in 2014. Does it even run, was it on GFWL? Are we talking the PC version, was there a PC version? Anyway, I remembered it was kind of cool, but everyone hated it, which was a shame.
  14. Turn based one still going on, but it's a slow, slow burn not being real time.
  15. DF Succession 01 :: LUNGFURNACE ::

    Oh I'm totally in, no maybes about it. Hopefully the no updates means that they are working on a cleaner follow up that will also give them money; or valve hired them or something.
  16. Yeah so far turn based is not doing it for me.
  17. Visual Art!

    Going to post some doodles here, rather than spam the game jam thread. Another cowboy. @SuperBiasedMan: Digging that old school colour palette. Were you around during those era of graphics? I always wonder that about artists who can nail a certain aesthetic, I would always have to research something to even get it sort of right.
  18. Game Jams

    Fuck This Jam 2014 (May 31st - June 6th, 2014) is a gamejam that challenges you to make a game in a genre you hate. As developers, we're all being told to make games we love playing, or games we love making. Genres we know the in and outs of, genres that we research before starting on a game. We ask you to do one simple thing: spend one week making a game in a genre you dislike, a genre you don't care about and a genre you don't know about. If you love making arcade shooters, why not make a thoughtful puzzler? If you love narrative adventure games, why not make a third person shooter? The less you know, the more likely it is that you'll make something new and interesting. Through utter ignorance for conventions and hate for the established rules of a genre, beautiful things can happen.
  19. I could be focusing on the posters or decal designs that are all over Cloudbank, but it seems like a cyberpunk world built on an art nouveau city. A little less in the architecture shapes, but in the details.
  20. RIP Nintendo, 1889-2016

    Well that Hyrule screenshot just soured me on the whole thing. I thought it was a fun idea until seeing that.
  21. Game Jams

    Some cowboy doodles, need to learn to use restraint on colours. Also needs more space.
  22. What will be funny is when we realize this is a super gigantic map and we won't meet each other until a month from now. edit; seriously though, How does the ETA's work on the fleets? Does time only progress each time a turn cycle is clicked? And does the production cycle follow the same methodology, or does it operate outside the turn cycle? Does the turn cycle equal one production cycle and the hour estimate is meaningless or does it simply advance it x amount of hours? I'm sure I could figure this out if I watch it closely after a couple turns, but it seemed reasonable to ask.
  23. Mine was more of a statement than a question. This thread is getting weird now.
  24. DF Succession 01 :: LUNGFURNACE ::

    Yeah Twig, I think I'll start something up this weekend and go through a basic tutorial just to remember the, well, basics. Should we start a new? Who wants to go first? I do not, since i think I started the last one.
  25. The Stanley Parable

    Ah good point, I found the mod took itself too seriously, but the retail had some light stuff in it which I enjoy more.