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  1. The Big VR Thread

    We had a thread for Oculus, but now that Valve throws its hat in the VR headwear ring with HTC, the new fancy Sony Morpheus prototype, and other tech companies likely to soon follow, maybe a nice place to discuss all our VR news!? So a few interesting bits of information concerning VR hardware: Yesterday, Sony unveiled the new Morpheus prototype that seems a lot closer to the final specifications. They're now using a 1080p OLED screen running at 120(!)Hz, which is a big improvement over the 1080p60hz LCD they previously had. They announced they're bringing it to consumers in the first half of 2016! Another interesting thing: Valve talked a little bit about their tracking solution for VR called Lighthouse. Aside from being able to track the VR HMD in a rather large space (15x15ft) it can track an arbitrary number of targets in this space. So controllers and potentially even another HMD? Being able to walk around and and interact with objects in a natural way is something I really miss with the current Rift prototype. Competition is heating up and I love it!
  2. Id's Rage

    So I figured I couldn't really go wrong buying this game and the place I got it at had it for 45 dollars, which is a good price for someone living in Europe. And then I read this and suddenly I am very worried, especially since I can't get a refund... Others who have played it are saying it's a bad console port. D: I hope everyone is wrong and that I didn't waste my money.
  3. The overriding feeling I have thinking back to when I played Super Mario Sunshine for the first time is one of frustration though. It's a frustrating Mario game to control in my memory. It's just inaccurate and rage inducing in its bullshit. Mario falling into slides when you feel like he shouldn't, hit any wall jump at an off angle and get bounced in an unintuitive direction, levels designed around the jet pack meaning it 's mostly tiny and thin platforms everywhere. and like 60% of all the shines are "collect # of this". If you're playing this game only for an hour and a half (divided amongst 4 people) a week or so, it's pretty understandable why that mastery isn't there. Just every level I see them going in is one where I think "I remember this! What a chore..." Just wait until they get back to that level with the village where the fire doggies were. Under that level, the bit with the mushrooms. Fuck the collision on that bullshit! Fuck Super Mario Sunshine! A bad 3D Mario game, in my opinion. That said, I get the the frustration on watching people struggle to play a game competently. But eh, I like the banter!
  4. Me, Toblix, BigJKO and Wrestlevania are making a game! There is a concept! Please be excited.
  5. Extremely Difficult is still a walk in the park. I want a European Extreme edition difficulty. But no, I feel that for a jam game where people will just play through it once or not even, it's nicer to not also have the pressure of time and not being able to move ahead, which from a player's perspective I can understand is frustrating. So, with the upcoming changes it should be way simpler to just finish it in one run, which is funny when you consider that this was originally conceived as being more of a run based game. Also update v1.3 for Windows is out with the changes and several bug fixes. The mechanic is now as such that when you activate the "end of the path"-terminal, you get warped back to the 2nd Terminal just before the forking of paths. Also it's doing some garbage clean up that it wasn't doing before which should majorly increase performance later on in the game.
  6. It's out, everybody! Enjoy.
  7. Here an early testing out of camera behaviours achieved using trigger volumes wot I made!
  8. We had a productive day! I'm working on camera behaviour stuff, JKO is working on Player movement stuff, Blix is working on enemy behaviour stuff and code style critique (jk blix lol!) and Wrestle provided useful advice! More details soon, but for now I am beat! Good night Jammers!
  9. AGDQ 2017

    Miles is also doing another Metroid Prime 2: Echoes run! don't know if he did a low% run in the past, but should definitely be fun to see that game again. I saw they're also doing a coop run of Borderlands 2 co-op in an estimated 2 hours, so I'm real curious to see what that looks like. Also looking forward to new Doom being run!
  10. 2016

    The Witness is that one thing that immediately jumps to mind. No other game this year so thoroughly consumed my mind. When I wasn't playing the Witness, I was thinking about the Witness. Overwatch just by sheer amount of hours played. I will likely play a lot more in 2017! Hitman is the best dumbest game of the year. It's a hilarious and fun game! BYE.
  11. I registered! Was there an ETA on when this is taking place? Either way, sounds like a fun evening!
  12. Breaking Bad

    I watched Breaking Bad season 3 and damn. There were a couple of moments that made me go "Holy shit" out loud and DAMMIT at the ending. Next season can't come soon enough.
  13. I'll help you out like the pal I am, dibs! (That means in by the way)
  14. Back in the day, a buddy brought his Dreamcast to my house and he showed me Shenmue and it's one of those few times where a games visuals just blew my little kid miiiiind. That game looked so good and everything about it was just fascinating. That game had a mystique for me, because I couldn't see where its boundaries were. That said, we never got beyond the point of "Do you know where I can find some Sailors?" We did find them, but I never played much more of it after that. So it's really fun to see the whole game played by Vinny & Co. Also, I remember thinking "Wow, those QTE's are the coolest, more games should have those!" But weren't seen again until God of War made them popular. Then the VAST majority of developers using them as instant fail states, as opposed to Shenmue, where failure to hit the button doesn't necessarily mean you failed the sequence. Just that Ryo got punched in the face. With all that in hindsight: Fuck QTE's though.
  15. This is what I always loved about Myst, and those elements are my favourite about the puzzles in Obduction too! Less fun were the puzzles where I already knew what I had to do, but there was a lot of tedium in executing them. I feel like there was a lot less of that in the Myst games. Especially towards the end of Obduction, that kind of grated on me, but that's my biggest criticism of an otherwise really enjoyable puzzle game. I really hope Cyan has made enough money on Obduction to make another Cyan-ass Cyan game. I love the strange worlds they build and I want to see mooooore. I notice that a lot of people who tried Myst as a little kid, then never went back to it, still talk about it as this incomprehensibly abstract puzzle game, but I think if one were to return to them now as an adult, you'll find that Myst and Obduction aren't that different from one another. It's very much the same style of puzzling. Although I suppose Myst/Riven (especially Riven) needed way more note taking, which I didn't really end up needing to do for Obduction. It's also one of the few types of games where I actually have the patience for taking notes.
  16. Life

    Oh man! Congratulations, SAM!
  17. Idle Thumbs 'Net Chat Servers

    Farewell, sweet Mumble.
  18. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    Cool beans! Looking forward to making a game of my own this Jam!
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    Robot cops dropping from drones is going to be the future.
  20. GDC '16 / SF thumbs hang out

    Have fun, everyone!
  21. STREET FIGHTER 5 (PS4/PC exclusive)

    Oh hi. My Fighter ID is LuWithin6-16Char. I haven't had too much time to dive in yet, but I sometime sooooon I will.
  22. STREET FIGHTER 5 (PS4/PC exclusive)

    Just a quick Q. If I buy this game will other folks shit on my dick? Because I'm not sure how I feel about people shitting on my dick.
  23. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers This one?