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  1. Star Citizen

    But that's kind of impossible to say, since we don't know the importance of lifetime insurance and the effects it'll have?
  2. Star Citizen

    A bunch of new stuff came out of Star Citizen's gamescom event. The 2945 RSI Constellation commercial: An upcoming update that adds racing: And the hangars are getting updated, aside from the visual update, they'll no longer be referred to as discount, business and deluxe, but will have associated with it. I'm not sure, but that might also be the update where people get to decide the layout of their hangars and rooms themselves? Finally a really short . Everything continues to look really good and I need a new PC in order to play all this, because the current Arena Commander runs at about 20 frames per second.
  3. Life

    Move his mess out of the way when he's not around, then move it back after you're done taking pictures!
  4. Oculus rift

  5. I'm honestly a bit flummoxed by your interpretation, Architecture. I think you're reading something into that transition (which I wouldn't call a smash or gilligan cut) that just isn't there.
  6. I'm sorry, but that is reaching quite a bit. The implication is that he got the jacket and clothes from the old man's wardrobe. That he kills the dude anyway, no doubt, but a jacket made of human skin? Really?
  7. Post your face!

    Turn that frown inside out. That dress looks remarkably cute on you!
  8. I don't know what you're talking about. It said that all along. That's what I get for copy pasting.
  9. And with that the date has been decided! OH MY GOD, IT'S... Saturday, August 23th
  10. Sweet! I pre-empted you by putting you in the list anyway, but now I don't have to edit! Now if only that I_smell jerk would respond...
  11. Yea, sorry about that. saw my art and accused me of copyright infringement along with a DMCA takedown notice. Fucking nazis.
  12. Oculus rift

    Would be cool to take bets how long it would take for you to hurl on the treadmill with that thing on.
  13. Got myself inked. I made the stencil myself, felt inspired by Olly Moss' work and tried to work in his signature style.
  14. Life

    We need a thread!!
  15. I have become emotionally invested in this potential relationship. Once you are friends with Olly Moss, I would like to be friends with you, Mington. No reason.
  16. Life

    Yea, Utrecht is fine with me!
  17. R.I.P. Ryan Davis

    Ryan Davis getting his sombrero shot off only to reveal a tinier sombrero underneath; it still cracks me up. It was fun seeing the Ryan stuff on the front page.
  18. Life

    Yea, that was lots of fun. Sitting at the booth, seeing streams of people pass by with all manner of costumes. If I had to take away anything from that community is that it's in general a very accepting one, and you could tell everyone was having a lot of fun. I gotta say, first time I met Rodi (in the flesh) and 2 days later he got me into his hotel bed. He's quite the charmer.
  19. Life

    Through sheer force of will.
  20. This is the one, genuine surprise game at E3 this year. Did not see it coming at all.
  21. Grand Thumb Auto retro PC edition

    So Rockstar confirmed a GTA5 PC release for Fall this year.
  22. Arma 3 Beta; More Tactical Thumbs New Arma 3 version, new thread! The beta sees the addition of a new faction, new weapons, vehicles and features. Mumble We use mumble for voicechat. Next Event: -- Address: Meet us on mumble. Port: 8302 Password: wizaaaaaaaard (thats 8 a's) Don't have mumble? DOWNLOAD! Useful addons! ShackTac Fireteam HUD addon: Community Base Addon for Arma3 (required to get the Fireteam HUD to work): Having the Fireteam HUD is highly recommended. Joining the Arma3 server There is no offical server yet. We host the games ourself. Search for Mike in the multiplayer lobby. You will find a game called Mike something something The password is: idlethumbs Join it and you're in.
  23. Movie/TV recommendations

    Indeed, this is correct. “I won’t be doing the new show in character, so we’ll all get to find out how much of him was me,” Colbert said in a statement via CBS. “I’m looking forward to it.” AND SO AM I. The whole situation makes me feel strangely nostalgic. I've watched the Colbert Report off and on since its inception, and during some of my teen years, the rebellious thing I did was staying up late together with a buddy of mine and watch Letterman on whatever channel that was aired in my country. It's all changing! Exciting.
  24. Oculus rift

    If the consumer version of the Rift is awesome, then I don't really care. Unless they start doing gross things with the hardware/software I'm alright with it. I probably had that same gut sinking feeling a lot of others had. Still, VR is just way too cool and if anything, Facebook's deep pockets will let them do some pretty cool stuff, no doubt. Time will tell how decision will pan out, but I remain optimistic. If Oculus gets to do what it wants to do (as is supposedly the case) then it's gonna be pretty sweet.