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Found 1 result

  1. Star Citizen

    Star Citizen's first module came out yesterday. The full game is still a long way off, but "Arena Commander," the game/flight simulator within the game lets you fly around a couple of maps, take part in a hoard mode, or play a few different online multiplayer modes (including deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag). I thought I'd provide a few scattered impressions in case anyone was curious. The game is really pretty. It can be hard to tell from screenshots, but the game looks really good in motion. Some of the animations are still a little rough, like the pilot's hands on the joystick, but the level of detail on the ship textures and the backgrounds is really impressive overall. Both of the included maps have a relatively similar look with lots of asteroids in an open field, but the map pictured above has some particularly shiny lighting effects going on. This isn't really surprising with all of the video of the game that has been around the Internet for a while, but I was still struck by how good it looked when I was actually in game. It runs shockingly well My PC isn't the most powerful thing around (Radeon 7870, AMD-FX 6-Core Black), but I've been running Star Citizen on high at a smooth framerate. From what I hear, this isn't consistent for all hardware. Particularly it sounds like people with Nvidia cards are having a harder time. Still, what I thought was going to be a game that would melt my mid-range computer is actually working with it really well. Maybe I'm not due for an upgrade after all. I feel like a second-class Star Citizen Reading other people's impressions of the game, I've been hearing how much some say the game's auto-aim ruins the game for them. I was really confused, because I was having a really hard time taking down enemy ships with my RSI Aurora (the game's entry-level, all-purpose ship). In part, this was because I haven't played a lot of space sims, and am just not very good at the combat, but after watching a few videos of people playing with higher-tier fighters, I started to understand what they meant. My ship is small, slower, and armed with only a couple of laser cannons. It can hold its own in a fight, but unless I have the perfect angle on an AI ship, it usually take a long time of chasing and chipping away at its shields to take down even the weakest enemy ship (this is in the Vanduul Swarm horde mode, not the deathmatch...I haven't tried the online mode just yet). Videos of players with the other two ships show them quickly dispatching a variety of ships using a range of weapons not available on my ship. These players pledged roughly $65-$125 for the game, while I backed for around $35. To some extent, getting a really cool ship up front does make sense as a backer reward, but it also stratifies the experience from the very start, making those of us who didn't want to place a larger bet on the game feel somewhat inferior. Part of the reason I haven't played online just yet is that I figure my cheaper ship doesn't stand a chance against the higher-level fighters. This isn't to say that I don't like the game, or that I think the game is tuned to be impossible if you're flying the entry-level ship. It just is a strange feeling to have when playing the game for the first time. That said, it's an alpha, and the space-flight feels pretty awesome. I'm enjoying fighting against the AI and looking at the general majesty of space. PS: I thought there would be a thread for this already, but I couldn't find one. If there is, I'm sorry. EDIT: I realized I didn't actually say too much about how the game actually feels. Flying around in space feels great, if a little slower than I expected. From what I've read this is because higher speeds make dog fighting actually really hard, with people just constantly zooming by each other. It can also be a little disorienting at first to chase someone who can move vertically so much more freely than in a regular flight simulator. It took a minute, but I started to find that kind of awesome rather than nauseating. After a while, I got used to the targeting system and learned to read the instruments (which aren't explained super-well in-game or in any documentation I could find), it started to me much easier to take out the AI, and I felt a little less under-powered. I still kind of wish I had one of the faster, sleeker ships, but that just means Chris Roberts' crowdfunding magic is sort of working.