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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. Arma 3 Beta; More Tactical Thumbs New Arma 3 version, new thread! The beta sees the addition of a new faction, new weapons, vehicles and features. Mumble We use mumble for voicechat. Next Event: -- Address: Meet us on mumble. Port: 8302 Password: wizaaaaaaaard (thats 8 a's) Don't have mumble? DOWNLOAD! Useful addons! ShackTac Fireteam HUD addon: Community Base Addon for Arma3 (required to get the Fireteam HUD to work): Having the Fireteam HUD is highly recommended. Joining the Arma3 server There is no offical server yet. We host the games ourself. Search for Mike in the multiplayer lobby. You will find a game called Mike something something The password is: idlethumbs Join it and you're in.
  2. A wazzo remake of cartoon deathmatch platformer "Gibbage", with better name and everything else. (I didn't do any design on this, just playtesting/feedback/QA. I did design on the original, but Gun Monkeys has moved away from most of that.) Keep an eye on if you want in on the beta!
  3. Hi Everyone, I posted a plug for Gibbage a while back, but this is the last one ever, promise. Dan Marshall has now completed his game, 'Gibbage'! It's a cartoon deathmatch platformer that Dan has created from scratch on his own, teaching himself to code along the way. It's so far garnered good feedback from Ron Gilbert and Charles Cecil. The website is up and running. You can download the (new and improved) demo for free, read his blog, find out about the game, and download it for only £6/$11. He's chronicled his progress in PC Zone magazine, and his blog reprints the articles. It's a really good read, and he'll soon be giving more in-depth tales of the basics of self-taught bedroom programming, so check it out. I implore you all to download the free demo, give Dan feedback if you wish, and of course buy the game for the price of a couple of pints if you're suitably impressed. It's a brilliantly fun game, with the emphasis on gameplay, and as an Indie Game, fighting against the chart-clogging corporate tosh we put up with, it needs all the support and attention it can get. Thanks, Ben Ward