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  1. Doctor me up, Thumbs

    Are you making all your motions from the wrist or fingers? Try warming up with loose motions that come from the elbow or higher and see if you can incorporate that into your painting. I get death-grip aches when I write too "tightly," i.e. controlling the pen entirely with my fingers/hand/wrist; part of learning Spencerian and other hands was to spend some time trying to break that habit (it didn't completely work).
  2. I Had A Random Thought...

    I get Channing Tatum and Carol Channing confused all the time.
  3. Making friends?

    "hey, video games" only works if you're approaching jake.
  4. Life

    in the nonprofit 'ecosystem' by and large it has the same proportion of assholes as the for-profit world, everyone's just paid way less.
  5. Life

    It was a substance abuse treatment nonprofit and the director regularly screamed at employees. Even I couldn't see any positive in the place - and y'all know I have a skill for making the best of a bad lot - so I got out as soon as I could.
  6. Life

    Can't complain, except that i'm fucking old! The world is pretty bad right now. I dunno which is scarier - Ebola or RU/UKR. :/ i'm emptyquoting this
  7. I Had A Random Thought...

  8. Life

    sup dudes
  9. There was some cool art of Jake posted in a thread! I decided to start a fund to get it printed on canvas and shipped to the Idle Thumbs office. The response was amazing, and we were able to raise enough money to get multiple canvases! The first canvas purchase: "Video Games," by Blambo. This canvas arrived at the Thumbs office on 2014-01-28. The second set of canvases: This set arrived on 2014-02-11. It comprised: "Hot Cyber Scoops," by atte: "Most Famous Player," by atte: "Lord Chris Remo" by BigJKO: "Der Überweinhandler" by Blambo: And the "Rich Uncle" / "Cool Uncle" diptych, by Blambo: The Gift Note: The Presents Are Unveiled: The Objectively Creepy Nick Breckon Portraits: "Congrats Nick" and "Congrats Nick" by TychoCelchuuu: Other art created for this thread but not put on canvas: The forum won't allow me to inline any more images, so please follow these links: Untitled, by Blambo and "A Scoopful of Introspection", by TheCineaste
  10. Life

  11. Life

    Current life status: hate my current life status.
  12. San Francisco Residents!

    It wouldn't be fair my answering that question; I'm an expat Brit. SF and other conurbations on the ocean-adjacent edges of the country buck the USAian stereotype quite handily, replacing it with an amalgamated population of liberals, hipsters and immigrants (where "immigrant" might mean from Asia, Europe, or Portland). Compare NY/SF with somewhere more central, e.g. Peoria, and NY and SF will have more in common with each other. In conclusion, America is a land of contrasts.
  13. The threat of Big Dog

    Imagine waking up and all your eyelash mites have been replaced with those magnetic micro-robots.
  14. San Francisco Residents!

    £30-40k, or $30-40k? If the latter, prepare to live out of a cupboard or something.
  15. Teg, that artwork is great! The cat sat behind me right now is called Torgo. Scott and I quite like MST3K.
  16. Life

    It does make you feel like an 80's businessman or banker though.
  17. There must be an oversight, my digital download was missing remastered versions of Sincerely These Nuts, Stop (Doing Interviews), and You Gotta Use The Kid (To Kill That Old Snake).
  18. Oh, NVM, the gift code step comes AFTER I go to Paypal and back to the store. That's backwards from the usual flow, but it works.
  19. I Had A Random Thought...

    i have received confirmations from multipe threads, you have already forked the spelunchain
  20. Intoxicated:

    It is possible to be way too invested in a forum or online activity and its super weird
  21. I Had A Random Thought...