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  1. There was some cool art of Jake posted in a thread! I decided to start a fund to get it printed on canvas and shipped to the Idle Thumbs office. The response was amazing, and we were able to raise enough money to get multiple canvases! The first canvas purchase: "Video Games," by Blambo. This canvas arrived at the Thumbs office on 2014-01-28. The second set of canvases: This set arrived on 2014-02-11. It comprised: "Hot Cyber Scoops," by atte: "Most Famous Player," by atte: "Lord Chris Remo" by BigJKO: "Der Überweinhandler" by Blambo: And the "Rich Uncle" / "Cool Uncle" diptych, by Blambo: The Gift Note: The Presents Are Unveiled: The Objectively Creepy Nick Breckon Portraits: "Congrats Nick" and "Congrats Nick" by TychoCelchuuu: Other art created for this thread but not put on canvas: The forum won't allow me to inline any more images, so please follow these links: Untitled, by Blambo and "A Scoopful of Introspection", by TheCineaste