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  1. That's one hell of a tagline.
  2. Odd quotes that stick

    Ahhhhhh! Oh my lord, he said that so much! That and the stormtroopers saying "Halt!" To be honest, the thing that sticks with me most from thhat game was the 'efforts', I think I could recreate all of the grunts and groans verbatum. To show you how dire my gaming youth was, all I had to play for an entire year was that game, which mostly involved me playing the multiplayer, on my own, against bots. If were including the quote-fest that is Bethesda games, I should mention the one that stuck with me most from Skyrim, me and my mates text each other this all the time, combined with some of the other classics its hilarious. "Some people think I'm dumb. I showed them."
  3. I know this instantly complicates things, but could you not incorporate a bit of both? Large grid tiles, made up of many smaller ones. Perhaps with a Risk-like system, which gives you bonuses when you control all the smaller hex's of one Large tile. It could literally be as simple as a darker line that marks the border, or it could be rolled into the UI and which view your presented with could depend on your zoom distance. With the smaller tiles coming into focus when you zoom in.
  4. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    I'm gonna get me one of them fancy haiircuts…
  5. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Sweeet, let's do this!
  6. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Aye, I was mostly meaning the world map/armies/territories sort of stuff. And then the rest of its got a bit of a Poker/Black Jack thing going. How would it work? Logistically?
  7. McPixel

    This is a great day for all. I feel like a throat rip……
  8. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    I'm in, its basically like risk without the dice isn't it?
  9. McPixel

    This weeks Bombcast revealed that this game may possibly be based on the title character of the greatest movie ever made, confirm or deny?
  10. Is it really bad that I hated every second of that? And that I'm unreasonably angry that it exists? Can't quite put my finger on what it is………
  11. The last MW was arguably a huge leap in that direcction already.
  12. Hey all, My friend and fellow gamer has recently had some time off work and was getting a little bored. So to cheer him up I've been going round every couple of days, as I'm self-employed, and doing some LAN strategy gaming. We've mostly been playing Dawn of War : Soulstorm, and having a great time, I had played it a lot more than he had up to this point so I was a little better than him in 1v1. The ability gap between us is getting a little smaller but, we mostly end up playing against AI and have been slowly ramping up the difficulty. Are there any other fans of this game out there? And would you and potentially a buddy or multiple buddies be up for some challenge matches? PvP or compstomp? Team games or FFA's. All timezones are a potential as we end up playing on an afternoon, somewhere between 12 and 6.
  13. Mass Effect. Lady Shepard. Mordin as the love interest. Musical number as the final scene. Ship it. Make a million dollars.
  14. Oh! That's the micromanage you mean, sorry, yer your right I don't deal with any of that stuff, except for those special ion blast shots that always drain my colonizing capital ships anti-matter when their set on auto-use. I was more refering to the clicks per second that somethings become neccessary. The combats can go horribly wrong if you don't assign targets regularly.
  15. Seriously? The fast micromanage is the only way I can seem to win anything above normal difficult. I just grab every piece of stellar real estate I can find until the AI tries to rush me.
  16. Relaxing Strategy Game Suggestions

    I play Civ exclusively to warrior rush other cities in the first few turns.
  17. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Ill need a few more details, but this sounds like something I would be interested in. Is this Diplomacy the board game sort of thing?
  18. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Sweet,l all I need now is a valid US address, anyone fancy being stalked? 8 quid is a steal tho, snap that up people!
  19. Crusader K+ngs II

    Really looking foorward to playingg this, it soundss like it was made for me, how taxing on ur system is it?
  20. General Video Game Deals Thread

    The Dawn of War games are the best, you must not … resist……
  21. Lego

    You gotta pass that on to the next generation man, that's what I did , and now the collections twice as big. My first Lego's were hand-me-downs and I built up quite a repository over my childhood. Its the thing that stands out most from my memories of that time, me and my best friend literally played with it for hours on end, night after night, on crazy massive projects. Mixing in scalectics and desks and furniture. Did anyone ever play Lego : Rock Raiders? It was like the best game, I still play it now, its an absolute masterclass in non-violent strategy gaming. I'd love another version of it.
  22. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Haha, I mean your picky about alliances in what sense? I'm assuming from your last comment that you don't like them.
  23. Speaking of the QWOP discussion going on in the pictures thread, who else, like me, haad this experience with the game?