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  1. Holy crap, my account still works! I'd just like to chime in and say that this is possibly my favourite game this year (grabbed the Switch version)! However, I think I've hit a bug, I'm trying to do a platformy bit just after interacting with the brain and there's one of those black blocks with red spikes on. If I shoot it then the spikes disappear as expected but if I die and have to do it again then the spikes never retract when shot at! I keep having to reload a save!
  2. PSN ID exchange

    I'm headacher if anyone fancies some online gubbins!
  3. This is me! I'm always up for some Rocket League! Anyone else play it much?
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi! I'm Dan and I'm back! I haven't posted here in quite a while so I'm looking forward to getting involved again!
  5. Recently completed video games

    Oooh I've just started this and am enjoying it so far. Unlike the Resistance series I have actually played the first 2, in fact I had restarted the first on hard until the third came from Lovefilm. I'm a sucker for scripted sequences sometimes...
  6. Recently completed video games

    FINALLY finished Resistance 1, I gave up for a while as it became ridiculously tedious and drawn out but I made it! I guess playing the third one first spoiled me a bit.
  7. Psychonauts on Steam

    Actually, looking at that statement again, it seems he's referring to Games on Demand rather than XBLA. I guess some of the criteria are shared though.
  8. Psychonauts on Steam

    Someone from Just Add Water (developers of the pc/ps3 Oddworld ports) made this rather interesting statement on Neogaf (http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=476998&page=2) recently: Seems like you have to jump through some crazy hoops to get games on XBLA, I'm guessing these 'goals' seem to vary developer to developer though which seems ridiculously unfair!
  9. Gifts - Stuff for Free

    Reet, Half life: Blue Shift Destruction Derby Postal Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries Total Distortion Swat 3 Carmageddon Shogo mobile armour division Quake 2 Wipeout Rise of the Triad Battlezone Heavy Gear Feeble files Discworld noir Rex Nebular Metal gear solid I've also got Gabriel Knight 1,prisoner of ice and shadow of the comet but the discs are missing. I know the case they're in but I can't find it. PM me your address if you want owt and I'll send it out!
  10. Recently completed video games

    Going back to this.... I finished Zero Mission last week and I found the last level to be an incredible example of how to put stress on the player via the feeling of being hunted .
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    That would explain it then!
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    Pointless fact: One of the kids from This Is England is from Derby as a few friends spotted him in the pub a few weeks back. He dresses like a scally bastard in real life too!
  13. V The Elder Scrolls

    I did make it out to be a rather cthulhu like beast didn't I?
  14. Psychonauts on Steam

    I always figured that's why Double Fine needed THQ etc for XBLA, similar reason for why games like Limbo etc got picked up by Microsoft Game Studios. Just found the original article actually, quite an interesting read, especially
  15. V The Elder Scrolls

    Uh oh. Skyrim is now in our house.
  16. Psychonauts on Steam

    Oh no, I didn't mean to imply something sinister had occurred, just that Majesco would have put it on there initially but the publishing rights would have since expired. I'm guessing Xbox Originals falls under the same guidelines as XBLA whereby you can't have a game on there that's self published?
  17. Broken Sword 5: Legacy of The Something

    Hasn't Cecil been throwing ideas around for a BASS sequel for ages? Wikipedia unfortuntely. I was crushed when I played Broken Sword 3 for the first time, I picked it up on launch day for the xbox and was shocking when it turned out to be little more than a crate pushing simulator. I just hope this adventure game 'revival' means Telltale can deviate from the same formula and risk something different (or the same if you're being rather cynical in retrospect of classic adventures). I started playing Back to the Future the other day and it just felt like the same game but reskinned (with the same character models). I love their earlier output but I just can't get behind recent releases.
  18. Recently completed video games

    I really enjoyed Arkham City but there was just *something* preventing me from enjoying it as much as Arkham Asylum. I think the 'open world' aspect of the game derailed things a bit for me as I enjoyed the more linear aspects of Arkham Asylum, it just made the game flow a little better. I also felt as though the main story took a bit of a compromise so that more side quests could be added as filler. I was also peeved that I made all the effort of being it at full whack in order to get the Catwoman missions only to find that they had very little place in the game and might as well have been side missions. I have to admit that I'm a bit of a late comer to the Metroid series. I had Super Metroid back in the day but I lost interest in the series when I didn't get on with the Prime series (shocking I know!), that is until my brother got me Other M for my birthday and I really enjoyed it. It did feel like playing Super Metroid but with 3D elements. I might track down Zero Mission next, it's a re imagining of the first NES title isn't it?
  19. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    I feel violated.
  20. Fund Tim Schafer's next game YOURSELF!

    I'm not sure if I want in on the beta either to be honest. Given the magnitude of expectations I have with this project, I'd like to go into this pretty blindly in terms of how the games plays, story etc I have to wonder how the beta process will work, I finally got round to watching the video last night and it seems Schafer is keen to let those who donate have a say but to what extent and how will it be implemented? Nowadays it seems betas that get a public release are one that test a specific part of a game such as the multiplayer element whereby it's the overall online mechanics/gameplay that are being tested. I'd imagine a beta for an adventure game would have to be drastically different without revealing too much of the actual game? I'd hate to have to play through it again just for a couple of fixes/tweaks found in the beta, but then there's no way they'd release the full thing as a beta.
  21. Psychonauts on Steam

    It's a shame, I always figured it was down to the publishing rights reverting back to Double Fine from Majesco?
  22. Psychonauts on Steam

    PC it is! Bought it at crimbo but my brother just gave me my xbox copy back too! Cheers!
  23. Psychonauts on Steam

    I'm considering a replay of it again at the moment but I'm torn between starting it on the pc or xbox. PC seems to be winning at the moment but I don't game that much on it recently. I'd probably get through it quicker on the xbox, shame you can't install original xbox games.
  24. Psychonauts on Steam

    I think I've only ever bought 1 game from Amazon! I've only ever used it for cheap lps/cds.