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  1. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

    I, too became disenchanted with Partners In Time and never finished it, but I really enjoyed Bowser's Inside Story. I thought it was quite clever and fresh. It overstayed its welcome a bit right at the end, but I felt like the rest of it was well paced.
  2. Rock Band 3

    Agreed. It's a real bummer. Also, pro drums on the ION is indeed amazing. I bit that bullet back when RB3 came out and I haven't regretted it.
  3. The ship: fruitcake steam cruise.

    I always wondered about this game... anyone got keys left?
  4. Ghost Trick DS

    It makes me so very very happy that this game continues to be discovered and played. This is one the most underrated games I can think of on any platform. Playing through it for the first time was one of my favorite game experiences.
  5. Oops! You tried something we didn't think of!
  6. Hero Academy

    WISE FWOM YOUR GWAVE! So, we should play more Hero Academy. Don't you agree, Thumbs? Who's with me? Oh, I'm HPopper in-game, natch.
  7. New website!

  8. Thirty Flights of Loving

    I hung onto one of them until after falling through the grate. I love the narrative that implies. It's been, what, weeks? Months?
  9. Odd quotes that stick

    I thought I was the only one!!! It shone, pale as bone, as I stood there alone And I thought to myself how the moon, That night, cast its light on my heart's true delight And the reef where her body was strewn Perhaps it would be easier to list the things from Grim Fandango that didn't stick with me. Oh man, Cloud Atlas is so good. My first experience with it was the Audible audiobook, which has different authors for each section. The first time it jumped perspective, I thought something was wrong with the file. And then, even when I was hip to what Mitchell was doing, I still felt sucker-punched every time the story switched gears just as I was getting interested in the new one. Has anyone read Italo Calvino's If on a Winter's Night a Traveler? The second-person narrative part of it describes (for the first few chapters, at least) the sort of experience I had listening to Cloud Atlas for the first time. But I digress. From Curse of Monkey Island - sometimes when I injure myself I still say, "Ah, papapishu!" From Community - "Come on, I'm dean, and my hands are so clean. At this moment, I am stapling!"
  10. Thirty Flights of Loving

    Awesome game. I liked the conglomeration of geese and cats. Also, Brendon, I tried to set mouse2 to "use" and it threw up an error about not being able to find the letter-mouse2 image when i hovered over usable objects. So I set it back to e.
  11. Ready Player One

    I read it and liked it but, honestly, I enjoyed the world and the culture of it (due to my own pop-culture tastes) more than any of the actual characters. Even though the author tried to make the main character(s) sympathetic and the villains dastardly, they all still felt - to me - fairly bland. And even though the author tried to raise the stakes several times throughout the novel, I still didn't care much, since I was still in it for the fun video game nerd-fest 80s pop-culture romp. Plus, I guess it's kind of hard to make someone playing a video game within another video game seem incredibly thrilling... (e.g. "I was playing Pac-Man for awhile and then I played it some more and then I thought I wasn't going to get a perfect score ... but then I did get a perfect score! Boy, was I glad I didn't blow it!") I guess I'm bagging on this book, but I really did enjoy reading it. I just also recognize that if this was a book with the same characters and story beats, but it was about a golf-nut who was obsessed with famous golfers and obscure golf trivia and had a big golf challenge that people all over the world competed in, I probably would have given up after a few chapters. Also: That contest thing is pretty great. Kudos to Ernest Cline for that.
  12. Chibi Robo? More like Feeble Robo!

    I picked up this game about a year ago and completionist-ed it. I remember it being a mix of utterly joyful creativity and irritating progression of certain things based around triggering scripted events in arbitrary ways. It's like, Q: "How do I get item X?" A: "Go into the kitchen at nighttime while it's raining after you collect the red hat. A guy will show up and give it to you." I hate that stuff in video games.
  13. Quantum Conundrum

    This game made me physically ill after a minute or two. I'm going to have to tweak the ini files to turn off all the motion blur garbage. Every time you move or turn, the whole world gets blurry... and this is on purpose?! And why would you not put more video options in your UI instead of having to dig into the system files? So weird.